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Jul 27

River Cruise Journal – Day 6: Passau

Sometime while we were sleeping our ship crossed the Austrian border into Germany. I liked the view that greeted me on our balcony this morning. It was kind of fitting, all that water. Today we were going to visit Passau, Germany. Its nickname is Dreiflüssestadt, City of Three Rivers.

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Jul 24

The Tower of London – Layover in London Day 3

Dear Luke and Leia, Today, our third day in London, we visited the Tower of London, a Royal Castle that is nearly 1000 years old! Back then the castle was a key to controlling the country. The Tower was also the most important royal prison in the country, famous for the Traitor’s Gate and the Beefeaters. …

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Jul 20

River Cruise Journal – Day 5: Wine and Melk

I wake up far too early every day … and it always starts the same way: with a peek around our blackout drapes to see what’s passing by our window.

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Jul 17

River Cruise on the Thames: Layover in London Day 2

Dear Luke and Leia, Today is our second day in London and we have chosen to take a river cruise on the Thames from the downtown area of London up to Greenwich. It is a cold and rainy day, but thankfully the river boat is well prepared for this with closing glass windows that you …

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Jul 13

River Cruise Journal – Day 4: Vienna

Oh. My. Goodness. Can you say Go-Go-Go? Our day might have started out with an unhurried breakfast but by 9:00 we were out the door! This morning Viking was offering three morning tours of Vienna: one that focused on its Art Nouveau scene and two that featured the city’s historic center. The difference between the …

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Jul 10

Layover in London

Dear Luke and Leia, “London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down…” That was the song … and here we are with a layover in London. We’re sure you remember the song but just so you know, the bridge in London is NOT falling down. Here it is!

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Jul 08

River Cruise Journal – Day 3: In a Slovak Home #AWSIonViking

Click here to read about the rest of our day in Bratislava. When Bragi docked in Bratislava most passengers took off to tour the city. A few dozen of us opted not to, however. Viking had a unique optional tour on offer: an opportunity to visit a private home nearby and chat with the family …

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Jul 06

River Cruise Journal – Day 3: Bratislava #AWSIonViking

I had planned to sleep late this morning but my body woke itself up at 7:30 and I didn’t fight it. Unlike yesterday it was a beautiful, summery day with just a hint of cool breeze, so I opened the drapes and windows as soon as I could. There’s nothing on the shore here—just beautiful …

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Jul 04

How to Join #TheWeeklyPostcard Blog Linkup Party

Five quality travel blogs—including this one—now co-host #TheWeeklyPostcard Blog Link-up every Friday. It is open to submissions for 48 hours. All travel blogs are welcome to participate. Here’s how to join our blog linkup.

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Jul 03

Singapore Botanical Gardens in Photos

Dear Luke and Leia, Today we visited the Singapore Botanical Gardens and saw so many colors of flowers that my box of Crayola crayons was jealous. From the very beginning we realized it would be different with the ornate entrance doors into the garden.  Our first impression was inviting. Beautifully lined paths meandered effortlessly through …

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