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Feb 23

Off the Tourist Track in Paris

I’m lucky enough to be living in the most beautiful city in the world – and given that Paris for decades has been one of the most-visited cities in the world, many out-of-towners seem to agree. However, the downside of this is that parts of Paris have become completely overrun with tourists: Tourism has become …

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Feb 16

Amsterdam Canal Cruise: Views from the Water

Amsterdam. Its city center is compact—almost cozy—and despite bicycles whizzing by at every turn it still manages to emit a laid back vibe. The city is certainly unique thanks to its red lights and “green” smoke, but there is so much more to Amsterdam than that.

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Feb 13

Celebrating Carnaval in Panama

However you spell it, Carnival or Carnaval, it is not just a Brazilian holiday or only celebrated in Rio de Janeiro. Carnaval is a mega-holiday throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. No matter where you go or which country you find it in, Carnaval is a joyous, festive event.

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Feb 11

Postcard: Live Entertainment Bocas Town Style

Craving Thai food while we were in Bocas del Toro, our desk clerk sent us to The Lemongrass, a restaurant and bar that served up delicious Asian fusion dishes. Now called Mariposa, the eatery is one of the most popular ones on the island, partly because of its location and partly because of its live …

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Feb 09

Before You Go: 4 Tips for Great Travel Photos

Are you traveling to a dream destination? Bringing your camera? A little bit of planning beforehand will help to ensure you take your best photos ever. To help avoid any post-trip disappointment in what you captured on camera I have prepared a list of 4 tips for great travel photos. These are things you should …

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