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Welcome, Food and Travel Lovers!

Whether you’re planning a trip or just dreaming of travel, we’re delighted you’re here! We created As We Saw It as a way to share what we’ve learned from our journeys … useful tricks, tasty foods and drinks, delicious recipes, beautiful travel photos and local and fascinating foreign destination ideas.

Whether you want to move overseas for a lifetime or just get away for a weekend, we invite you to explore our pages for inspiration and tips to help you plan your perfect tripEnjoy our site…

Dan & Linda

Singapore-river-cruise featured image

Singapore River Cruise: See it from the water

If you’re like us when we only have a short time somewhere, you probably try to squeeze in as much of the place as you can. I know that we did that when we only had one day in Singapore. We have found that the fastest and easiest way to get a basic overview of a city’s …

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Bird Taunts Cats 2

Featured Photo: Bird Taunts Cats

Sitting on the sign above the doorway, a bird torments the cats sitting below. Hopeful of an easy meal, they are waiting for it to descend, but the bird obviously has other ideas. One of the cats desperately tried to find a way to climb to the top from every angle, without success. Obviously the bird …

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airplane boarding passengers at airport

39 Little-Known Secrets to Safe and Healthy Air Travel

Four-plus years of travel and hard knocks have taught us a few things, and so have our many expat and travel-blogger friends. By far our worst travel experience – and hardest-earned lesson – was the time when Dan developed a blood clot in his leg when we flew from D.C. to Bali. That sure gave me a scare, since …

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church and cobbled street in El Centro Cuenca Ecuador

How to Find and Rent an Apartment in Cuenca, Ecuador

As much as we love comments from our readers – and we really do – we enjoy your questions even more.  Here is one we just received: Hi Dan & Linda, I came across your blog while researching on furnished apartments in Cuenca as I am planning to make a trip to Cuenca in comming fall …

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Fantastic Singapore Architecture: Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple

Who would have expected to find Singapore’s oldest Hindu temple sitting in the heart of Chinatown? It’s unexpected, to be sure, and the story behind it is interesting. Background of Sri Mariamman Temple Sri Mariamman Temple dates back to 1827, eight years after the British East India Company established a trading settlement in Singapore. It wasn’t …

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Baseball game players

How to Enjoy a Baseball Game Like an American

In America, “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” is probably one of the most-sung songs in the summertime. Why? Because in Summer, America’s favorite passtime is baseball.  One company even created a famous jingle, Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Chevrolet.  OK, maybe not everyone drives a Chevy, but most boys and girls play the sport …

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