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Jul 06

River Cruise Journal – Day 3: Bratislava #AWSIonViking

I had planned to sleep late this morning but my body woke itself up at 7:30 and I didn’t fight it. Unlike yesterday it was a beautiful, summery day with just a hint of cool breeze, so I opened the drapes and windows as soon as I could. There’s nothing on the shore here—just beautiful …

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Jul 04

How to Join Our Blog Linkup #TheWeeklyPostcard

Five quality travel blogs—including this one—now co-host #TheWeeklyPostcard Blog Link-up every Friday. It is open to submissions for 48 hours. All travel blogs are welcome to participate. Here’s how to join our blog linkup.

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Jul 03

Singapore Botanical Gardens in Photos

Dear Luke and Leia, Today we visited the Singapore Botanical Gardens and saw so many colors of flowers that my box of Crayola crayons was jealous. From the very beginning we realized it would be different with the ornate entrance doors into the garden.  Our first impression was inviting. Beautifully lined paths meandered effortlessly through …

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Jun 29

River Cruise Journal – Day 2: Budapest #AWSIonViking

I awoke at an ungodly predawn hour to the sound of a muted patter of rain outside our window. Fearing the worst I dragged myself to the window to see if my imagination was playing tricks on me. It wasn’t. Raindrops dripped onto our balcony railing and matted the Danube in the city’s predawn light. …

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Jun 26

Singapore Night Safari

Dear Luke and Leia, Tonight we had a blast at the Singapore Night Safari, where we ate a terrific Indian buffet and saw a bunch of animals… AT NIGHT! What a terrific experience that we will have to bring you guys to. We were hungry and decided to eat before we started our night safari …

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Jun 22

River Cruise Journal – Day 1: Budapest #AWSIonViking

Today was check-in day on Viking Bragi, the ship that will take us on our Budapest to Amsterdam river cruise. Lucky us: While other passengers were struggling with flights and transfers, we had the morning to ourselves and could walk to the ship at our leisure. What was our secret?

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Jun 19

Layover in Singapore

Dear Luke and Leia, We are on our way to Panama and have a short layover in Singapore, so with a day or so to kill we decided to pay the city a visit. What a beautiful, modern and clean city it is. Singapore is a city-country that is on an island just south of …

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Jun 17

More Reasons to Take a River Cruise #AWSIonViking

Last week I listed 10 convincing reasons to take a river cruise. If you need more, here are 14 more reasons to prefer cruising on a European river to cruising the deep, blue sea.

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Jun 05

10 Reasons to Take a River Cruise #AWSIonViking

River cruising may be less well-known than ocean cruising but it’s becoming more popular every year. As we began to prepare for our Grand European Tour on Viking we began to think of all the reasons why we enjoy river cruising. Here are 10 reasons to take a river cruise, in no particular order.

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May 25

River Cruising: Viking Grand European Tour Itinerary #AWSIonViking

This is Cruise Central for our Viking Grand European Tour. Here is where you will find a brief description of the planned cruise itinerary as well as links to all our related posts and the photo galleries we have created for each stop and links to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites we visit. This page …

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