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One Day in Dubrovnik: How Much Can You Really See?

Dubrovnik is widely known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic” because of its stunning tile-red roofs and medieval stone walls jutting into the sparkling, azure blue Adriatic Sea. It is on CNN’s list of the Ten Best Medieval Walled Cities and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Yes, Dubrovnik is most definitely a must-see place.

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Etruscan Places: Tuscania

People often correct me when I tell them I’m going to Tuscania. Italians will flash a pitiful smile at me, the poor foreigner mangling the name of Italy’s most famous region, Tuscany (Toscana in Italian.) But it’s not my poor Italian that’s at fault; there really is a place called Tuscania and, confusingly, it is …

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Civitavecchia Attractions: One Day in Rome’s Port

Civitavecchia, Italy, gets thousands of visitors a day even though is not known as a tourist destination. As a matter of fact, you wouldn’t even find it listed in most tour books were it not for its location. So the question is, What’s the attraction and why do so many people visit?

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Panama Dining: Where to Find the Best Steak

Few things smell and taste as delicious as a succulent steak grilled to perfection over an open fire. Unless you’re in Panama. Panamanian steak has a well-deserved reputation of being tough, mostly because of what they graze on. So, steak lovers that we are, we set off on a mission to find the best steak …

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Easy Patacones Recipe from Panama

Patacones in Panama are sort of like French fries in the United States: Everyone eats them and you find them on practically every menu. They are so good that we had to find an easy patacones recipe so we could make them at home ourselves.

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Exploring El Camino Real de Panama

Once upon a time, long before Panama had its canal or a train, a road ran through the Panamanian jungle. This was not just any road, however. It was the lifeline that connected Panama City, on the Pacific coast, with its Caribbean trading partner, Portobelo. This historic road came to be known as El Camino …

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Definitive Guide to Visiting the Panama Canal in Panama

Mention Panama and most people will immediately think of its famous canal. And no wonder, because it’s one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World and the country’s top attraction. If you’re in Panama City and you want to see it, here’s your definitive guide to visiting the Panama Canal in Panama, including the …

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Colorful Colonial Cartagena Awaits You

Dear Luke and Leia, Guys you’re going to love colorful colonial Cartagena, a walled city founded in June of 1533, where old meets new in a seamless pattern of color, warmth and beauty. Pastel buildings with stunning balconies and intricate iron works line narrow cobblestone streets full of characters and tourists alike. The entire walled …

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Boquete: a Mountain of Coffee & a Cloud Forest in Paradise

Dear Luke and Leia, Boquete is a mountain of coffee and a cloud forest in paradise, and I can’t think of a better way to describe this expat community, tucked snugly into the mountains of Panama near Costa Rica. You’d know that for sure if you ever visited during its annual coffee and flower festival.

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Sacre-Coeur, Sunset and Other Montmartre Experiences

Paris’ Montmartre neighborhood is synonymous with bohemian life, and its Sacré-Coeur seems to complement it perfectly.

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