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Ask AWSI: Is a DIY Rome Tour Realistic on a Cruise?

We love it when readers send us questions. One of our posts inspired a question about how to do a DIY Rome tour so she could avoid the typical mob of passengers on a cruise tour. Here is the letter and how I responded.

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8 Places to Visit in India During November

Here is a guest post about a place we haven’t visited yet: India! When monsoon starts bidding goodbye and winter enters in India during the months of November, it is considered to be a great time to visit India. As the summer heat and winter snow will not create any difficulty during this period, you …

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Two Days In Bocas Del Toro, Panama #TheWeeklyPostcard

Dear Luke and Leia, This weekend we decided to jump aboard a plane for two days in Bocas Del Toro, Panama. It is a short flight which we take from Panama City’s Marcos A. Gelabert airport in the Albrook area. The flight is only 45 minutes and has great views of the interior of Panama. …

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River Cruise Journal: Windmills and Cheese Wheels

One final day on this Grand European Tour and it all ends tomorrow morning when our cruise ship docks in Amsterdam. Call the country what you will, Nederlands, Holland, or Netherlands, this morning we found ourselves in the country known for windmills and cheese wheels.

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A Snorkeling Trip Under Bocas Del Toro

Dear Luke and Leia, Today we were under Bocas Del Toro and yes, I said that right: under. We took a snorkeling trip to see the colorful fish and vibrant reef life in the islands off of the north coast of Panama. We think that snorkeling is almost as much fun as SCUBA diving. Before …

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River Cruise Journal: Cologne and Chocolate

Open any guide to Cologne and the first thing it always mentions is Cologne Cathedral. UNESCO says that “no other Cathedral is so perfectly conceived, so uniformly and uncompromisingly executed in all its parts.” That seems good enough reason to designate it a world heritage site and make it the highlight of today’s included tour. …

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#TheWeeklyPostcard: Visit to Bambito in Chiriqui Panama

Dear Luke and Leia, We are taking a getaway to the highland town of Bambito in Chiriqui, Panama, for some relaxation and adventure. This is a very small town in the extreme western part of Panama. Bambito is nestled next to an extinct volcano called Volcan Baru and is actually in a cloud forest section of a …

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River Cruise Journal: Castles, Rhine and Mosel Wine

Few things can compare to waking up to a balcony view that is picturesque enough to warrant UNESCO World Heritage status. This morning was one of those rare occasions: Everyone on board was treated to the amazing views when they opened their drapes.

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Surviving in the Pearl Islands – #TheWeeklyPostcard

Dear Luke and Leia, We are surviving in the Pearl Islands these next few days…. Surviving? This is where the some episodes of the hit television series “Survivor” was located. So naturally with your dad visiting, we had to see what it was all about. We had heard that Isla Contadora is beautiful. Planning the …

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River Cruise Journal: Wertheim am Main

We awoke to our second day of dreary skies today and even before I opened the drapes I could sense that the day would be chilly. Sure enough, the cold sliding doors promised we would need long sleeves and coats all the warm clothing we all had brought along. It’s at times like these I’m …

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