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Jan 19

Photo Tips: Burst Mode – How to Shoot More of Less

The essence of a travel photographer’s job is to capture life as it happens. More times than not, as life tends to happen in front of our eyes, we are too worried about getting the perfect shot. By the time the shot presents itself and we recognize it and press the shutter button, it has …

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Jan 12

One Day in Belize: Cave Tubing on a Budget

If you are planning a day in Belize—maybe on a cruise stop—you probably have already figured out that the country’s top day trips are zip-lining through the jungle and cave tubing through spring fed, underground rivers. When we watch the Travel Channel we see people have a blast doing both of them. Okay, the Travel …

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Jan 09

Postcard: Paseo Las Bovedas, Casco Viejo, Panama

Paseo las Bovedas is a bougainvillea-covered walkway in Panama City. It is lined with tables, their vendors all eager to sell their traditional crafts to passersby. Because the promenade’s lush boungainvillea offers a shady refuge from the hot tropical sun, it is one of the best places to find people selling local crafts. On any …

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Jan 06

The Attack of Reverse Culture Shock Symptoms

As usual, we get off the plane after a long international flight, clear immigration and customs, and hail a ride to our hotel. Once again we’re in a new country where everything feels different, the food isn’t what we usually eat, and the people are speaking a different language.

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Jan 04

Layover in Spain? Go for the Tapas!

There are two kinds of layovers: short ones and long ones. Short ones—four hours or less—offer little more than time to change gates and grab a bite to eat. But the longer ones, the ones that provide enough time to leave the airport—ah, those are the best. While checking available flights I’ve found layovers as …

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