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Colmar - Home of Beauty and the Beast

The Prettiest Town in Alsace

Colmar is one of the prettiest towns I have ever seen. Its cobblestone streets and walkways, flower-lined canals, sidewalk cafes, and ancient half-timbered houses make it a photographer’s dream. Think Disney’s Beauty and the Beast meets real life. This could be Belle’s home town. We had an opportunity to tour the town while we were in Alsace …

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Street Art

Postcard: Snarling Jaguar Street Art

Snarling Jaguar Street Art Trying to find a place to park in Panama City’s old town can be a challenge at the best of times since this 350-year-old city just doesn’t have a lot of areas reserved for automobiles. Sometimes driving around just isn’t enough. Locals know that and often earn a few extra dollars …

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Street Art

Postcard: Casco Viejo Street Art Dog

Casco Viejo Street Art Dog Panama City’s oldest part of town is officially known as San Felipe, but most people know it as Casco Antiguo or Casco Viejo. It is undergoing a renaissance and we can easily envision that it will one day rival Cartagena in its beautifully restored and colorful buildings. In the meantime, …

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Kuna Yala Traditional Dress

Postcard: The Colorful Kuna of Panama

Colorful Kuna What is the most distinctive and easy to identify group in Panama?  Ask anyone there and they will probably say it is the colorful Kuna, an indigenous tribe. Most of them live in the San Blas islands and run the resorts and hotels there. That said, Panama City’s old town (Casco Viejo) is …

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sign for the Night Safari

Singapore Night Safari: Is It Worth It?

There’s one attraction in Singapore that turns even the most serious adult into a kid. Try it and see. The Singapore Night Safari. If you’re thinking it’s just a zoo, you’ve got another think coming. Like a broken record, everyone who heard we were heading to Singapore said the same thing: “You absolutely have to go …

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Street Art Series

Postcard: Casco Viejo Street Art Masks

Casco Viejo Street Art Masks Street art abounds in Casco Viejo, the oldest part of Panama’s capital city. Here is one of the most colorful. It must have taken quite a bit of time and paint. Originally I thought they were faces, but the top one is a cat, and since none of the faces …

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