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Balinese Princess

Postcard: Young Singaraja Princess

There are still kings in Bali ruling over various parts of the island. In Singaraja, on Bali’s north coast, it is actually possible to tour the Royal Palace. Tourist fees help to offset the palace’s maintenance so they welcome visitors, and it is an eye opening experience. Descendants of the royal family still live at the palace …

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Ziplining in Dominican Republic

Interview with Savannah Grace: Read and WIN!

Our first EBOOK GIVEAWAY and interview! Until December 2, 2014, you can enter to win copies of BOTH I Grew My Boobs in China and the newly-released sequel Backpacks and Bra Straps! Read on… How many people do you know of who can say they had been to 80 countries by the age of 18? …

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Aditya Beach Resort, Lovina, Bali

Postcard: Aditya Beach Resort Welcome Gift

Aditya Beach Resort welcome gift What a refreshing way to tell your guests you’re glad they selected your hotel! After a long, hot drive to Lovina Beach on Bali’s north shore, we were thrilled to enter our room and find some nice, fresh fruit to enjoy. Just enough to tide us over until dinner time. …

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concrete Roman pillars and vase make a grave monument at Bonaventure Cemetery

One Day in Savannah: River Walks and Cemeteries

As enjoyable as it is to gawk at stunning centuries-old architecture and walk through town squares shaded by towering trees dangling Spanish moss (that had been the first half of our one day exploration) there’s a lot more to Savannah than that. Starting with a particular street that runs along Savannah River and a dramatic cemetery that’s become …

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Street Art Israel

Postcard: Vivid Tel Aviv Street Art

Tel Aviv Street Art – How to Make an Ugly House Look Pretty Walking along on the way to our Tel Aviv hotel from Jaffa, we passed by a ramshackle house with rickety shutters and patchy construction. We were so impressed by how well a skilled street artist had taken advantage of the unfortunate situation that we …

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carved headstones

One Day in Savannah: Squares and Walking Tours

Only an hour and a half into Georgia from Florida’s state line, Savannah usually gets bypassed, ignored by millions of travelers every day as they rush-rush-rush to reach their final destinations as quickly as possible. Maybe it’s an American thing. Certainly Dan and I have been as guilty as anyone of totally focusing on the …

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