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Welcome, Travel Lovers!

Whether you’re planning a trip or just dreaming of travel, we’re delighted you’re here! We created As We Saw It as a way to share what we’ve learned from our journeys. You can expect to find plenty of useful tips and inspiring stories in our pages. Please enjoy our site. —Dan & Linda

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Proud big sister

Postcard: Proud Big Sister in Panama

Proud big sister in Bocas del Toro While we were watching the action at the Carnival festivities in Bocas del Toro, we noticed a girl doting over her little brother near the center of the action. It didn’t seem to matter to her that he was asleep; she obviously wanted to make sure that the …

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River in Puenta Pena Panama

Postcard: Rocky River in Punta Pena Panama

Rocky River in Punta Pena Panama

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Self-conscious Embera girls

Visiting an Embera Indian Village in Darien, Panama

One of the highlights of our trip to Panama’s Darien Province was our ride up a winding river to visit an Embera Indian village. Mogue (MOE-gay) is a curious mixture of modern conveniences vs. chickens running wild, a concrete schoolhouse vs. open, thatched huts on stilts, and schoolchildren in logoed t-shirts and jeans vs. bilingual (Embera/Spanish) …

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Silky water shot

Postcard: Silky Waters at Rio Chiriqui Mali Panama

Silky Waters at Rio Chiriqui Mali Panama We found these silky waters at Rio Chiriqui Mali. It’s the river that runs along the road that connects the Chiriqui mountain town of Boquete to Almirante, a port town in Bocas del Toro, Panama.

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Waterfall outside Boquete, Panama

Postcard: Waterfall Near Boquete, Panama

Waterfall near Boquete, Panama A tripod, a long camera exposure and a drive north of town resulted in this silky photo of a waterfall near Boquete, Panama.  

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