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Apr 17

Postcard: Soe West Timor, City in the Mountains #TheWeeklyPostcard

Dear Luke and Leia, Apa kabar? (That means, What’s new?) We are in Soe, a small city in the West Timor mountains with beautiful views and cool temperatures. Our drive from Kupang was picturesque and exciting, with so many new sights for Nana and me. We even saw some monkeys along the road and palm …

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Apr 14

Ravenna and Her Mosaics

Most people have never heard of the Italian city of Ravenna, a city which lies on the coast between Florence and Venice. A shame, that. They are missing out on a true treasure: Eight ancient sites that have mosaics so superb that they rival those in Istanbul. As a matter of fact, Ravenna has such …

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Apr 10

Postcard: Children on West Timor, Indonesia #TheWeeklyPostcard

Dear Luke and Leia, Well after 33 hours of flying we made it to West Timor, an island at the far east of the country of Indonesia. We are in the province of Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT). It was a long flight, but we had no jet lag due to a product called No Jet-Lag. Mr. …

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Apr 07

10 Wonderful Adriatic Cruise Ports

Europe has an amazing array of things to offer its visitors. So many different nations and cultures are packed onto this one continent that one could visit one every week for a year and not see them all! This is an area that fascinates in so many ways. There’s always something to enjoy, whether it …

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Apr 03

Postcard: Emerald Pool, Dominica #TheWeeklyPostcard

Dear Luke and Leia, Welcome to the country of the Commonwealth of Dominica in the Caribbean Sea.  The capital is named Roseau and the island is known as the Nature Island, one that Christopher Columbus would still recognize even today.  This tropical island is lush, green and full of fresh water and home to the …

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