Reveal Your Own Russia

Pack your warm clothes and ushanka hat for an encounter with the largest country on the planet. Russia’s people and politics fascinate at every turn.

Moscow’s Red Square as one of the most famous squares in the world, and the city has the most beautiful metro system found anywhere on Earth. Sail the Volga River to St Petersburg to stroll down the Nevsky Prospect, a street of both ancient cathedrals and new-age boutiques, than venture to far-flung parts of the Russian Federation, like Tatarstan and Siberia.

Study masterful paintings at the Hermitage and warm up over vodka and warm Borscht beetroot soup. When that’s all done, a night at the Russian ballet confirms this country has it all.

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Tourism website: Visit Russia

Time zone: UTC/GMT +03:00 *

Currency: RUB – Russian ruble

Official language: Russian

UNESCO World Heritage sites: 30

* There are eleven time zones in Russia, ranging from UTC +02:00 to UTC +12:00.

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