Land of Creation

A country known for its diversity of faith and ancestry, Israel tours will take you on a journey unlike any other. Visit sacred sites where major events have impacted the religions that dominate the world.
Israel’s cosmopolitan Tel Aviv may stand in sharp contrast to traditional Jerusalem, but Christians, Arabs and Jews live together throughout the country in more peace than the news would have you believe. Visit the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, see where the first tabernacle was set up in Shiloh, and hike through the nature reserve at Tel Dan, once worship center for the Northern Kingdom of Israel (Book of Kings).

Israel’s diversity goes beyond systems of belief though. There’s an incredible variety of flavors in its cuisine thanks to immigration from all over the world, and just as much diversity in its incredible landscapes. You can dive in the Red Sea on one day and swim in the Dead Sea the next.

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Tourism website: Go Israel

Time zone: UTC/GMT +03:00

Currency: ILS – Israeli New Shekel

Official language: Hebrew

UNESCO World Heritage sites: 9

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