Incredible India

Few countries can boast of as many cultures, languages and people as India. Birthplace of two world religions, India has a proud history going back 5000 years. This country has been called a continent because of its diversity.

Here you will find everything from the icy Himalaya Mountains in the north to steamy, tropical Kerala on its southern coastline. Even the cuisine is just as varied; each state has its own regional recipes.

Photograph the Taj Mahal at sunrise, find the elusive Bengal tiger at Tadoba Tiger Reserve, or walk through Chandni Chowk, a bustling bazaar in Old Delhi. Stay in a traditional Assamese tea bungalow, visit the Dalai Lama’s residence, or take a luxury train trip on the Maharaja Express.

India offers so many experiences, it’s hard to know which to do first.

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Tourism website: Incredible India

Time zone: UTC/GMT +05:30 (New Delhi)

Currency: INR – Indian Rupee

Official language: Hindi

UNESCO World Heritage sites: 35

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