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This is a Caribbean island with many sights and attractions, from beautiful beaches to floating markets. With 38 white-sand beaches to choose from and warm, turquoise waters that are ideal for snorkeling and diving, this holiday spot is guaranteed to leave you hungry for more. Locals here are very hospitable and take great pride in showing off their favorite locations on this beautiful island.

Things to do

Curaçao has one of the largest and longest-lasting carnival spectacles in all of the Caribbean.

This Dutch island has been blessed with beautiful beaches, a cooling climate, excellent snorkeling and world-class diving, and ideal windsurfing sites. Two favorite beaches are Jan Thiel and Cas Abao, a white sand beach shaded by large palm umbrellas with surrounding cliffs and fine greenery. You can also treat yourself to a tiny “doctor fish” pedicure at a pool in Amazonia.

Picturesque Willemstad is the capital of Curaçao and has an authentic Dutch architectural heritage that is a favorite for photographers. Tourists hardly miss the opportunity of standing on the historic Rif Fort walls to have a perfect view of Willemstad. Visitors also enjoy standing on the Queen Emma pontoon bridge as it opens and closes. It offers a unique view of the waterfront as well as the Queen Juliana Bridge, one of the highest bridges in the Caribbean.

The island has many museums, but the most popular is ‘Het Curaçaosch Museum‘, which has a collection of glass, paintings, drawings, sketches, status, furnitures, etc. Here, the museum will take you on 500 years journey of maritime history of Curaçao.

Visit the historic mansion of Landhuis Chobolobo, explore and taste the different liquor variation and delicious cocktails. Other amazing locations to visit while in Curaçao are Kura Mulanda Museum which was once recognized as a mercantile square for slaves, Klein Curacao which is about 8 miles off the southeast of Curaçao and is uninhabited is a day trip for snorkelers, and scuba divers.

Diver’s paradise

If you love diving, Curaçao is famous for diving. The list of phenomenal diving sites include Eel Valley (which is underneath a golf course), Beacon point (which has the largest coral formation in the world), Superior Producer (which is rated as the best Caribbean wreck dives), Blue Bay Gardens (which is a true underwater garden), Smokeys (which has great visibility and large dense corals), Mushroom Forest which is a 10-foot underground jungle of mushroom-shaped star coral, and Cornelius Bay (where sea horses and elkhorn coral can be found).


Local food is called Krioyo, and as you’d expect on an island, they eat a lot of fish. Plantain is the most common side dish. Pumpkin pancakes are a favorite snack. Popular meals here include stobá which is a stew made with ingredients such as papaya, beef or goat meat, kadushi, a cactus soup, and funchi, a cornmeal paste. There are soups made from okra, and intestines here. A staple breakfast in almost every home here is pastechi, which is fried pastry with cheese or tuna fillings. During the holiday season, special dishes such as pekelé, and hallaca which are made of salt cod are consumed.


Top Curacao souvenirs include Blue Curacao liqueur, made from the island’s Laraha oranges, and a hand-painted sculpture that represents the oldest sister in a family, known as a chichi.

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Tourism website: Curacao Tourist Bureau

Time zone: UTC/GMT -04:00

Currency: ANG – Antillean guilder

Official languages: Dutch, Papiamentu and English.

UNESCO World Heritage sites: see Netherlands.

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