Curacao: Real. Different.

Curacao is a Dutch island blessed with beautiful beaches, a cooling climate, excellent snorkeling, world-class diving, and ideal windsurfing sites.

Stand on the Queen Emma pontoon bridge as it opens and closes. to ll get a unique view of Willemstad’s waterfront. Walk through Het Curaçaosch Museum to experience 500 years of Curacao’s maritime history, and visit the historic mansion of Landhuis Chobolobo to taste the different varieties of Curacao liqueur.

Try the local cuisine, called Krioyo. Popular dishes include a papaya stew called stobá, kadushi cactus soup, and funchi, a cornmeal paste. There are soups made from okra, and intestines here. For breakfast, try pastechi, a fried pastry with cheese or tuna fillings. Plantain is the most common side dish, and pumpkin pancakes are a favorite snack.

Top souvenirs include Blue Curacao liqueur, made from the island’s Laraha oranges, and a hand-painted sculpture, known as a chichi, that represents the oldest sister in a family.

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Tourism website: Curacao Tourist Bureau

Time zone: UTC/GMT -04:00

Currency: ANG – Antillean guilder

Official languages: Dutch, Papiamentu and English.

UNESCO World Heritage sites: 1 (part of Netherlands)

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