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6 Fun City Breaks and Vacation Destinations Are you thinking of taking a few days away, unwinding from work? Perhaps a city break could be the perfect getaway for y...

Prague, Czechia

How to Do a Macau Day Trip from Hong Kong Ruins of St. Pauls in Macao One hour by ferry, Macau is an easy day trip from Hong Kong. Here's what you need to know, from visas to a things to see...

Senado Square, Macau

6 Top Hong Kong Sights You Need to See hong kong from nan lian garden 6 of the best things to see in Hong Kong if you have limited time, plus tips for what to eat and where to shop. Read mor...

Victoria Peak, The Peak, Hong Kong

6 Hong Kong Foods You Need to Try author uses chopsticks to grab a piece of roasted goose in her rice bowl Taking a food tour in Hong Kong ... would you be willing to try these 6 dishes? Read more

Chan Kee Roasted Goose, Mong Kok, Hong Kong

11 Things You Should Know Before You Visit China Red building in China China is a hot new travel destination. Make the most of your trip with this list of things you should know before you vi...

Beijing Capital International Airport, Shunyi, Beijing, China

These Photos of Nan Lian Garden Will Inspire You to Visit Hong Kong Golden Pagoda in Nan Lian Garden, Hong Kong, China Nan Lian Garden is a place of beauty and peace in hectic Hong Kong. It's also a perfect Tang Dynasty garden that screams...

Nan Lian Garden, Fung Tak Road, Hong Kong

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Tourism website: China National Tourist Office

Time Zone: UTC +08:00 (Beijing)

Currency: RMB or CNY – Renminbi or Yuan, respectively

Official language: Mandarin

UNESCO World Heritage sites: 50

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