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Recipe: Chicken Satay (Sate Ayam)

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Chicken satay is one of our favorite street foods from Bali. We love it so much that we've brought the recipe home to share with friends. This savory snack can be bought along the streets of just about any town in Bali. Vendors even set up long, thin grilling stations and sell them for about .50 cents a skewer on the beach.

Indonesians serve chicken satay both as an appetizer and as a snack and it can be found on many restaurant menus. It is also made with other varieties of meats, such as beef. We've even seen them selling goat satay at food stalls! The dish has also become popular in the Netherlands due to the major influence that the Dutch had in Indonesia's history. In many places there, french fries are served with satay sauce instead of ketchup. When traveling around Amsterdam, you will find many Indonesian restaurants serving chicken satay along with their other fantastic Indonesian cuisine.

This recipe is easy to follow and prepare. This chicken satay recipe is an Indonesian version, a little traditional with my (Dan's) own personal spin to enhance the flavor of the chicken. My version includes an extra step: marinating the chicken before skewering and grilling. I like the added flavor a marinade brings to the chicken; it enhances the peanut-based satay sauce by adding the standard Asian flavors used in Indonesia.

If you aren't fond of chicken, try making this recipe using beef instead. That's delicious, too. Either way, try this and let me know what you think.

[yumprint-recipe id='9′]If you have a different version, please share. I am always interested.

Please share this story with your friends.


Written by Dan

Professional photographer specializing in street, food and travel shots at As We Saw It travel blog. Enjoys catching children at play, showing their innocence in every situation … we all can learn that, to be content with what our Father in heaven has provided. Photography is unique in that it captures light in all forms, and since the Bible says YHVH (God) is light, photography captures Him in many forms.

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