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Taiwan is a small island to the east of China that has become a huge travel destination. With the scenic mountains, beautiful bodies of water, and tasty food, there’s no wonder why more and more people are heading there on vacation.

Taiwan might be small, but there are plenty of interesting attractions in Taipei, the nation’s capital, and even more if you venture around the island. With so many forests, beaches, hot springs, museums, and other amazing attractions it might be hard to narrow down your list of things to see and explore during your trip to Taiwan.

When you visit Taiwan, deciding what to do and see among all the amazing scenic locations, museums with historical and fascinating artifacts and other attractions can be a challenge.

Depending on your travel style, you can take a guided tour, use a pre-done 14 day Taiwan plan, or design your own itinerary.

Either way, here’s a list of 12 of the best places to see in Taiwan. You won’t go wrong if you add some of these must see attractions to your itinerary.

1. Raohe Street Night Market located in Taipei City

This is among the oldest night markets in Taipei. It is a 600 meter-long path along Raohe street filled with night foods, snacks, stalls, quaint shops and carnival games.

Stroll along the maze of dense alleys and what you will find might surprise you. It is the perfect spot to learn about the food and culture of the Taiwanese people.

Visitors along a roadway that runs under a gate in Raohe Street Night Market. Night markets are.one of the best places in Taiwan to visit for tourists

TIP: For other city highlights, read our article 8 Best Things to See in Taipei in One Day. It visits the most popular tourist attractions, such as Taipei 101 and National Palace Museum, as well as a number of other iconic sights.

2. Fulong Beach, New Taipei City

Golden beaches are rare in Taiwan, and this beach is covered with beautiful gold sand. This beach is a favorite for locals and tourists during the summer and concerts, and events often occur on the beach. If you want to experience the beaches of Taiwan, this is the beach to go to.

Sandcastle competition at Fulong Beach Taipei

3. Shei-Pa National Park, Miaoli County

Taiwan is known for its lush greenery, and the Shei-Pa National Park is a great place for anyone interested in seeing the natural side of the country.

Encompassing over 50 peaks of Hsuchshan and Dabajian Mountains, this park has some of the best alpine scenery in Taiwan. Its 768-sq-km area is filled with hot springs, rivers, rare animals, and native plants. Much of it is prohibited to ordinary travelers, but there are three sections you are permitted to enter: the forest recreation areas of Wuling, Guanwu and Xuejian.

If you’re a hiker or enjoy camping, Shei-Pa National Park is even more of a must. It offers some fantastic multi-day trails that lead deep into the rugged interior of the park.

Statue of bears and tree at Shei Pa National Park

4. Wuling Farm, Heping

Wuling Farm is also known as Wuling Forest Recreational Area. It may be a part of Shei-Pa on paper, but Wuling Farm has more to offer than nature.

Take the trails to view the scenic flower gardens, a vegetable plantation, fruit orchards, a tea plantation, and fish farming. This is a great way to see another aspect of Taiwanese life while still experiencing breathtaking views and a little history.

The cherry blossom and tea garden in Wuling Farm was created in 1963 as a place where retired servicemen could find employment. Now it is a beautiful farm that offers camping grounds for people to stay on during their visit.

Cherry blossom trees blooming behind a field of tea bushes

5. Taroko National Park, Xiulin County

Arguably the most popular tourist destination among the nine national parks in Taiwan, Taroko National Park is the most visited spot on the east coast.

Taroko is a favorite day trip from Taipei, as well, mainly because of its landmark Taroko Gorge. One of Asia’s 7 wonders, this amazing canyon features marble cliffs, deep winding tunnels, and an enchanting river flowing through the bottom.

Another of the park’s most picturesque spots is the Eternal Spring Shrine. The classic shrine is a memorial for veterans and worth a stop for its beautiful views of the mountains and never-ending waterfall.

TIP: Get Your Guide offers a variety of day trips and multi-day tours to Taroko Gorge and beyond.

The eternal Spring Shrine at top of a waterfall in Taroko Gorge. This is a must see Taiwan destination

7. Sun Moon Lake, Nantou County

When it comes to Sun Moon Lake always makes the “Taiwan iconic places” list. Known for its beautiful clear blue water, this lake has a romantic feel and is a favorite spot for couples and honeymooners.

A lot of the attractions here are run by an aboriginal tribe who have inhabited the area for centuries. This is a must-go location for any couple.

TIP: If you are interested in a guided tour, this 3-day tour from Taiwan includes Sun Moon Lake, Puli, Lukang and Alishan.

Cable cars rise from Sun Moon Lake Taiwan. Best attractions

7. Shanlinxi Forest Recreation Area, Nantou County

Shanlinxi Forest Recreation Area offers hotels, restaurants, shops and stores that visitors can enjoy during their visit. With bus touring and hiking paths, people can enjoy the waterfalls, caves, greenhouses, and other features that this area offers.

This is an ideal destination for anyone who wants to make more than a day trip and wants to see the nature of Taiwan.

Roadway through the mountains in Shanlinxi Forest Recreation Area, another Taiwan must see.

8. Alishan National Scenic Area, Chiayi County

Located in the Alishan Mountains, this scenic area is home to Tsou aboriginal villages, highly regarded for their tea making. This area allows you to take in the local nature of Taiwan including the fallen Alishan Sacred Tree.

With the Alishan Forest Railway, a narrow train makes its way through the forest as well. Enjoy the tropical views and beautiful mountains in this location.

Passengers approach the departure point in Alishan Forest Railway.

9. Guanziling Hot Spring, Tainan City

Fire and Water Cave is a geological phenomenon and is the most interesting, if not one of the best things to see in Taiwan. This cave outflows with a combination of methane gas and hot spring water, creating a fire which burns on water!

This popular hot spring has been attracting people for almost three centuries.

Soaking in Guanziling hot spring is one of the top things to do in Taiwan

10. Chimei Museum, Tainan City

This privately owned museum has five exhibits spanning a wide range of interests. The Western Art exhibit features a large collection of weapons, paintings, and sculptures. Other sections include Natural History, Antiquities and Artifacts, Arms and Armour, and Musical Instruments. The latter exhibit showcases one of the largest violin collections in the world.

Of all the things to do in Tainan, this is a must-see attraction, especially if you’re interested in art.

TIP: Tainan is in southern Taiwan. If time is limited, you might want to consider this 3-day tour of Southern Taiwan. You will visit Kaohsiung, Kenting, Taitung, Cijing Island, Hengchun and head to Tainan on the third day.

Chimei Museum entryway - top taiwan attraction

11. Fort Zeelandia Museum, Tainan City

Fort Zeelandia was built between 1624-1634 by the Dutch East India Company. During the 17th century, it became a vital transit city. It now is a museum where people can experience and learn about different aspects of history and Taiwanese culture.

For those wanting to learn more about the history of Taiwan, this is a great place to go. You will learn a lot while taking in all the historical artifacts and one-of-a-kind views.

Fort Zeelandia

12. National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium, Checneny Township

This museum and aquarium displays three exhibits to inform visitors about different aspects of marine life. The three pavilions are

  • Water of Taiwan, which covers the native marine life of Taiwan.
  • Coral Kingdom, which showcases coral reef habitats.
  • World Waters, which discusses the ancient oceans during the beginning of Earth’s history.

This is a great location for families or anyone interested in learning about Taiwan’s aquatic life.

Whale sculptures appear to be jumping out of a fountain at the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium

These are some of the top Taiwan attractions

If you’re planning your next trip or heading to Taiwan soon, consider adding these 12 spots to your itinerary. You are sure to have a memorable visit.

Every place on this list offers you a diverse experience that will make your trip to Taiwan unforgettable. With a wide range of things to do there is sure to be something on this list for everyone to enjoy.

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