Lyrath Estate: Luxury in Kilkenny


While we were in Kilkenny, Dan and I spent a night at Lyrath Estate, a five-star hotel, spa and conference center that’s just outside of town. We were on a whirlwind tour of the area, so we didn’t have time to try all their services and amenities but still, Dan got some great photos of the place that we’d like to share with you.

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Lyrath may be only a mile or so from town, but it feels miles away from civilization. It starts with turning off the main road and driving through the entryway. The long driveway leads through acres of forests and parkland to an elegant ivy-covered, 17th-century manor house.

As we followed around to the entry, I was so entranced by the beautiful fall scarlet of the ivy clinging to the manor’s walls that I totally missed seeing the extension, a massive, contemporary wing that houses a convention center and spa.

Inside Lyrath Estate

Once we passed through the doors and into the reception area we found ourselves in a light-drenched, contemporary lobby with soaring ceilings, staircases and fountains.

Walk to the end of the lobby and through a doorway, and it’s almost like going back in a time macine. It flows seamlessly from modern to classic decor.

Each section has its own atmosphere. Choose whichever you’re in the mood for.

Though we were staying in the modern wing, there are more rooms in the manor house part of the hotel. It has a dramatic staircase that leads up to them.

The Presidential Suite at Lyrath Hotel

Obviously the best room in the hotel is the Presidential Suite. We got a chance to visit the suite and see how “the other half” live. Impressive. I thought the monochromatic tone of the interior enhanced the color of the landscape … and the fireplace below the TV. It looked especially inviting because it was cold and blustery outside that day.

The bedroom had its own TV area as well as a wall-full of windows.

Look at the size of this bathroom … and there’s a walk-in closet beyond! Yes, Jeeves, unpack my trunks and hang my things in there. I’ll be staying for a while. 🙂

When Bruce Springsteen was in Kilkenny, he stayed at Lyrath Estate. We were told that he didn’t want to stay in the Presidential Suite because he didn’t need all that space. What do you think of that?

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