About Us

Hi, we’re Dan and Linda. We believe that life shouldn’t be wasted in a rut, doing things you don’t enjoy, so you can buy things you don’t need to impress people you don’t know. Life is most fulfilling through memorable experiences, and we do that through food and travel. (Or travel and food; it depends on our mood.)

We started As We Saw It as a way to share our experiences, tips, and photos to help others live their travel dreams.

Who is this site for?

Anyone who is passionate about

  • travel
  • food and drink
  • photography
  • lifestyle
  • creating lifelong memories

As much as we love to share, inform, and inspire, we also love it when our readers share their own experiences with comments and travel stories.

What do we do?

From one-day itineraries to moving overseas, we have “been there, done that” and learned a lot. On this website, we share our insider tips, stories, and photos, highlighting topics such as:

  • Destinations
  • Memorable things to see and do
  • Best places to Stay
  • Where (and what!) to eat and drink
  • Getting around
  • Travel planning
  • and how to have fun on your travels…

What others are saying

Meet Linda

I’m the writer in this team, a grandmother, language lover, people person, and food afficionada! Always striving to grow as a person, be a better wife/mom/nana and have a ton of fun.

I grew up in a travel loving family in northern New Jersey. As a child I spent a year in Australia and a summer touring Britain in a camper van. I also have many fond memories of summer vacations and long weekends visiting and exploring the US.

Besides Dan, my absolute passion in this world, my other passion is travel. I’m always trying new eateries and learning to speak the local language. I enjoy meeting new and interesting people, and inspiring others to pursue their dreams.

Meet Dan 

Linda may be the love of my life but travel and photography are tied for second. Thanks to my dad working for IBM, I grew up traveling and living all over the US.  I’m also a beach lover, doting husband, and the techie one in the family, so if there’s an issue on the blog, I’m the one who will fix it.

I’m a former CNE but I’ve never been happy with a 9-5 job. I’ve always been an entrepreneur and happiest when I can be creative and work on my own terms.  Now I’ve found a happy medium working online, which means we can live and travel anywhere – as long as there’s an internet connection.

Cooking is my therapy and I spend a crazy amount of time in the kitchen trying to recreate foods we’ve eaten in our travels. After dinner I’m often online, learning more about how I can improve my skills as a photographer.  Every day on the road is another opportunity to capture digital memories. Then I can’t wait to share them.

Together we are Dan and Linda

The strength of our 15-year marriage lies in our best-friendship and the fact that we share the same dreams and goals … and a love of world travel. We also have the same priorities, including simplicity and health.

We’re happiest when we don’t have “stuff.” We travel with a carry-on, not much more. We move to a new country with only what will fit into two suitcases and a backpack each, which includes all of our electronics and photography equipment.

If we meet you’ll notice that we are thinner than in these pictures. We have worked hard to lose weight and are careful about what we eat. We now limit sugar and wheat and avoid certain meats. That said, when it comes to giraffe, antelope and elk, bring on the chopsticks and forks!

We love what we do and are very fortunate that travel is such a big part of our lifestyle.

Why follow us?

Our goal is to inspire and encourage others who dream of traveling. We have lots of how-tos, travel stories, and even an occasional recipe on our blog. We share even more in our newsletter, on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

We hope you find inspiration and knowledge from our lifetimes of world travel.

Let’s connect:

If you are ever nearby, let us know as we’d love to catch up over a glass of wine or a coffee.
It'll be good to meet you.

Safe travels!

Dan and Linda

9 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Hi Dan & Linda,

    I came across your blog while researching on furnished apartments in Cuenca as I am planning to make a trip to Cuenca in comming fall and stay there for 2 or 3 months. I love travelling and whenever possible I try to live for a few months in different parts of the world.
    I don’t know where you are now but I am wondering if you could guide me with a little help on how to find a furnished apartment in Cuenca. I can see that you found your furnished apartment in Cuenca with a help from a local realtor. Would you be able to give me how I can reach him once I am in Cuenca? Does he speak good English? Are those furnished apartments offered for short terms such as 2 months? Your help would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Hi Dan and Linda
    We where delighted that you chose to stay in our little inn when we saw how many exotic places you have visited so far!

    We will watch your tour with awe!

    Safe travels

    • Hi Adele,
      Thank you for your hospitality. Dan and I enjoyed staying and eating at your hotel and enjoyed your staff immensely. Our room was enormous! We’ve never had three beds in our room before! We’ll definitely stay at your hotel if we are in the area again.

      Portrush is charming and in an ideal location. If we hear of anyone visiting the Antrim Coast we’ll be sure to tell them to take time out to enjoy your town.


  3. Hi ~
    Just found you on Twitter and I liked your FB page from both my personal and blog pages. I love that you made such a dramatic change to your life. Eighteen months ago we changed our lives and we’ve never looked back. I look forward to following your adventures.

    Best ~

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