Travel Blogger Opportunities

BUSINESSES & SEO COMPANIES: If you wish to collaborate, please contact us.

Are you a fellow travel blogger with your own website? Are you looking for more exposure? Do you have a great idea for a story or article? If so, we welcome your travel stories!

Share your travel stories on As We Saw It

As We Saw It has a good DR (Ahrefs) and DA (Moz) and we are active on social media. Publishing on our site will:

  • allow you to display your talents
  • give you more exposure as a traveler and writer
  • add another story to your portfolio.
  • be spread far and wide on top social media channels
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Travel bloggers: Write for us! We want your great stories!

If you’ve been there, you have something to share.

Articles about the US, Italy, Germany, Ireland, and Panama are especially welcome.

We are looking for original, first-hand, inspiring and informative travel articles. Our favorite topics are high-quality travel guides, travel tips, itineraries, attractions, top 10 lists and amusing personal anecdotes. As We Saw it focuses on insight into foreign lands, histories, cuisines, and cultures.

All articles must have a travel focus:

  • Destination guides
  • Itineraries
  • Road trips
  • Day trips
  • Packing lists
  • Unique things sto do
  • Cultural insights
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Food, wine, international cuisines
  • Travel tips and how-tos
  • Luxury experiences
  • Recipes for foreign dishes **
  • Wellness for travelers
  • Non-western (“alternative”) health treatments

We are not interested in individual hotel, restaurant or car rental reviews. However, a best places to stay type post will work. (Note we’ll use our affiliate links).

Topic ideas to get you started

Be creative; we’re open to other ideas!

  • How to Spend a Day/Weekend/Month in _______
  • Packing List for _______
  • A Visitor’s Guide to _______
  • Road Tripping Through ______: A __-Day Itinerary
  • Unusual Things to Do in _______
  • Best Day Trips From _______
  • What I Learned by Visiting _______
  • How to Make Locals Love You in _______
  • Things to Know Before Visiting _______
  • A Traveler’s Guide to _______ (attraction, UNESCO site, museum, kayaking trip, park, etc.)
  • 10 Foods to Try in ______ **
  • Is Visiting _______ Worth It?
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Write for As We Saw It

Ready to write? Great! Here’s what you need to do:

  • Send a message to aswesawitmail [at] gmail.com with the subject line “I want to share my travel experience on AWSI.”
  • Provide your URL and DA. (Again, it must be a blog, and it must be travel, food, or wellness related.)
  • Tell us where you’ve been.
  • Pitch a few story ideas.
  • Tell us how many photos you plan to include and give the source(s) of your photos. (Who gets the credit?)
  • Mention that you have read these guidelines in your inquiry.
  • We’ll get back to you ASAP.

If you don’t follow all these guidelines, we will not respond. Working with writers who can’t or won’t follow simple directions is a lot more work than we have time for. Trust us on this: It saves unnecessary effort and headaches for both of us.

Here are our writer’s guidelines

We want to publish your story as much as you want your hard work to appear on our site. However, our readers are expecting consistency. So, here’s what we need.


We know you’ve seen some amazing places and done some incredible things. Tell us about them!

  • Content – All articles must be original, of course. They must not appear anywhere else on the internet now, nor the content be published elsewhere in the future without our consent.
  • Word count – Articles must be a minimum of 1500 words (more is definitely better!) and must be written from your personal experience.
  • Photos – Not mandatory, but we’d appreciate one photo per section, with descriptive titles to help with SEO and proper article placement. All photos must be original, 800 px wide (landscape). We accept PNG, JPG, and TIF formats. Videos are acceptable as well. You are welcome photos from our As We Saw It photo galleries. PIxabay and Unsplash are also okay. Just include the URL to the photo and we’ll do the rest.
  • Internal links – Whenever possible, please link to articles on As We Saw It.
  • External links – You’re welcome to link to a relevant blog post in the article and a link to your own blog in your bio. If your article is 2500 or more words, you can have 3 backlinks in the article. You can also link to tourist bureaus, ticket companies, resources, and other helpful websites. However, we reserve the right to add, change, nofollow, move or remove links as we deem appropriate. We may add our own affiliate links.

Optional: We like to include a portrait-style Pinterest pin or two. This gives an evergreen boost to publicizing your story. If you have vertical photos or use PicMonkey or Canva, feel free to send us what you can.

** Are you a foodie or wine lover?

If you write about food, that’s fantastic! As travelers, we want to encourage people to try new foods and sample local beverages, including alcoholic drinks. We especially welcome articles about traveling with dietary restrictions, because we are clean eaters and follow a Biblical diet.

Note: WE WILL NOT publish articles that promote eating pork, shellfish, rodents and other unclean animals/bugs. If you’re unsure about whether we consider something to be edible, feel free to ask. We won’t bite your head off. Pun intended.

ⓘ IMPORTANT: Using someone else’s photos without permission is a violation of international copyright law and can lead to serious problems. We will not be held responsible for any legal issues that may ensue if you violate copyright. Your bio and the stolen photo(s) will be removed immediately if we discover photos do not have proper credit.


  • US English
  • Subheads – We use <h2> for subheads. (That’s the Heading 2 style in Word.) Use sentence case (Upper case first letter only). Do not use Bold.
  • Shorten paragraphs to 2-3 sentences each.
  • Bulleted lists – #LOVE
  • Remove any style codings, like <span>.
  • We reserve the right to edit and reformat your article to ensure consistency, clarity, and ease of reading.

Authorship (all about you!)

  • Send us your bio.
  • Include a square or round photo of your beautiful face so people can see who wrote the post!

Submitting your article

  • Article can be in Word or HTML.
  • Articles and photos must be submitted via email. Wait for our “OK to submit” and we will tell you which email to use.
  • Submit photos and text as individual, separate files. NOT as one single document.
  • We prefer email, as Google Drive and Dropbox do not always cooperate. (If file size is an issue, multiple emails are fine.)
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Note to DMOs, tour companies, travel agencies, content mills, et al.

The guidelines on this page only apply to individuals and fellow travel bloggers with their own personal websites. Our intent is to provide an outlet to those who wish to share their personal experiences, tips, photos, and videos with a wider audience.

We would like to help you promote your destination, product or business. HOWEVER, we regret that we are unable to provide free publicity to businesses. As We Saw It is a business, just like yours, and should be treated as such. We deserve adequate financial compensation for publicizing your destination, website, or service.

Please contact us here.

Because some unscrupulous marketers are known to use devious tactics to get a backlink, our policy is to carefully check websites and social media to ensure compliance. If you submit an unsolicited manuscript, thank you very much for the free content. We reserve the right to edit and publish unsolicited articles with all external links and authorship removed.

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