10 Things to Do on a Cruise in Dubai

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Dubai is a city of luxury and extravagance, and those looking to indulge in both should consider renting a boat. Boats can provide an unforgettable experience, whether you’re sailing around the artificial Palm Islands, enjoying a cruise in Dubai Marina, or exploring the hidden coves of Dubai Creek,. With so much to see and do, Dubai powerboat rentals are the perfect way to explore this fascinating city on your own terms.

Let’s take a look at some of the adventures you can add to your Emirates itinerary. Look through our list of activities and you’re sure to find the perfect way to spend time on the water in Dubai.

1. Enjoy a romantic sunset cruise

A sunset cruise is a fantastic idea for date night in Dubai, not to mention one of the most romantic locations for a marriage proposal. You can book a variety of romantic evenings on beautiful yachts and boats, whether you fancy sunset on the water with sushi and drinks or a longer excursion beneath moonlight and stars.

Keep in mind that holidays like New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas are in high demand. It’s harder to find an available cruise boat then, so if that’s what you have in mind, book far in advance.

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2. Have dinner on the water

There’s a reason Dubai dinner cruises are so popular. First of all, you get to enjoy spectacular views of the city skyline while enjoying a delicious meal. That’s pretty hard to beat.

Secondly, Dubai dinner cruises offer a wide variety of food options to choose from. Whether you’re in the mood for some traditional Emirati cuisine or something a little more international, there’s sure to be something on the menu that will tantalize your taste buds.

Booking a private dinner cruise in Dubai means you can customize the details and menu to make it fit exactly what you have in mind.

3. Go sightseeing

Naturally, sightseeing is a prime reason why people choose to vacation in the UAE. Dubai has many manmade and natural attractions that you can see from the water, and its skyline is spectacular. Reason enough to go cruising in Dubai, even if it’s only for an hour or two!

Yacht rental websites offer a variety of cruise options, so you can find one that fits whatever you’re looking for. There’s always something going on in Dubai, and skillful crews know where to find the best places. So take your camera and get on board!

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4. Have a party at sea

There are two kinds of people – those who prefer quiet evenings and those who feel happiest at parties. If you belong with the second group, a party on a yacht can be exactly what you need. This kind of cruise can include music, snacks, drinks, and even extra deck space to accommodate your friends.

Dubai may be known for its clubs, but yacht parties give you the privilege of avoiding crowds and surrounding yourself with people you know. You can even hire a photographer to take pictures of everyone enjoying themselves. It will be fun to create a few memories you can always look back on!

5. Hire a private yacht to celebrate a special day

Unforgettable occasions deserve unforgettable experiences, so it you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Dubai on your birthday, anniversary, holiday, or any other special day, consider renting a yacht. Nowadays this is as doable as booking a table in a fancy restaurant, and it’s just as affordable to get one.

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6. Try jet skiing

If you are into extreme water sports or have always wanted to try something like that, Dubai may just be a perfect place. There are boat rental services that have everything you need to go jet skiing, from clothing to lessons for beginners. Not having to pay the cost of gear rental can offer considerable savings.

Jet skiing may seem intimidating at first, but as soon as you get the hang of it, don’t be surprised if you end up getting hooked on the experience.

7. Go water skiing

Water skiing is another fun option if you book a powerboat in Dubai. The difference is that water skiing is usually more challenging for beginners, so if you are opting for this activity, find an instructor.

8. Snorkel or dive in the Red Sea

Another exciting part of visiting a foreign country – seeing flora and fauna that you won’t encounter at home! Such a relaxing experience can really change the way you see a place, and you will be surprised by how spectacular the underwater world is here.

Some Dubai yacht cruises offer diving and snorkeling, so you can see the magical world that lives below the surface of the Red Sea. In a high-tech place like Dubai, you can be sure that all the equipment will be top quality.

Three divers with coral reef and caribbean fish in the foreground

9. Go fishing in the Persian Gulf

You either like fishing or you hate it – seems there’s no middle ground here. If you are into this sport, Dubai offers a whole range of opportunities. Whether you prefer trolling, live bait fishing, jigging, bottom fishing or deep-sea fishing, crews know the area and will take you to the perfect places for each.

Not sure which one is for you? They are all unique and work for different personalities so if you have not made up your mind yet, it makes sense to try a few.

10. Kick back and relax

There’s something about the sun, the water, and the wind that just seems to wash away all your troubles. Even more so when you’re on your own. The peaceful ocean waves seem to make it easier to connect with your thoughts and emotions. And when you’re out on the open sea, you can’t help but feel at peace with the world.

So take a break from work, put your feet up, and let yourself drift away on a peaceful sea breeze on a Dubai cruise. You can relax with a book, journal, take pictures or listen to your favorite music surrounded by picturesque landscapes. It’s good for your mind, body, and soul.

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Final thoughts about booking a cruise in Dubai

To sum up, there are many ways to make your time in Dubai special, even on the water. No matter what your interests are, there’s a perfect cruise for you, and Charterclick is a great place to book it.

Whatever you choose to do in Dubai, enjoy every moment of it. And if it’s too hard to make a choice, do it all!

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