10 Ways to Choose the Best Couples Resort for You

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Let’s face it: It can get tedious to live the same average life with your loved one day after day. Those daily routines can lead to a seriously mediocre existence … before you know it, you could be taking each other for granted.

If this sounds familiar, it’s an alert that it’s time for a change. If you are tired of living the same ho-hum, mundane relationship day in and day out, you can add new zing to it. Book a romantic getaway for two and escape to a nice couples resort for the trip of a lifetime.

Foreground: Back view of a girl in a bikini wading on a sandbar. Background: motorboats and sailboats, anchored in the water. Low, bare hills and St Martin town in background.

All inclusive resorts can keep you both happy and excited because there are many interesting activities for couples to enjoy. However, you need to be careful when picking one. If you are planning to go to one with your partner, you must make sure to go to a resort that is specifically designed for adults only. Fortunately, there are many resorts that are designed with couples in mind.

Whether you are searching for a wedding, anniversary, or couples weekend getaway, choosing from all the available all inclusives can be overwhelming. There are so many details to consider! It’s important to know the specifics before you pay for the trip.

We’re here to help. Whether you want to visit Jamaica, St. Martin, New England, Cancun, or some other delightful getaway, we’ve put together this little guide to help you ask the right questions. We hope it will help you choose the best romantic vacation for the two of you.

1. Where is the couples resort located, and how much will it cost to get there?

It’s important to carefully consider the location for your luxurious vacation. Flexibility is important – it can get you the best deal on the market.

  • Nearby activities and events – You might choose to plan your vacation around a unique festival or a concert. Or choose your perfect couples resort near a city you’ve always wanted to tour. Many resorts are near interesting places, such as museums, parks or UNESCO world heritage sites.
  • Airfare – getting to and from your destination can be of the most expensive portions of your trip, so factor that in as you compare prices.
  • Passports – Aside from any personal health or weather concerns, you will need a passport if your destination is in another country. Do you have one? Will you need a visa? Or would you prefer to stay in your home country?
Flowers, lounge chairs and tables line the deep turquoise pool La Hacienda, a couples resort we stayed at in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
  • Is the resort far from the airport? Is it a long drive to get there? Will you have to end your holiday early on the day of departure, all because you have a morning flight and it will take 2 hours to get to the airport? Or is this unimportant?

Tip: Some countries are more expensive than others. Be sure to read the fine print about applicable fees and taxes, so you don’t get a shock.

2. How close to the water is the hotel, really?

Resorts and beaches may go hand in hand, but not all are close to each other, which is why it is important to be clear. If you both enjoy sun and sand, it is obvious that you should try to find a couples resort on the beach.

Beach resorts offer many water-related activities, such as swimming, snorkeling, jet skiing, and surfing. You can enjoy these with your partner and come closer to each other. However, if you have to drive to the beach or take stairs down a cliff, you may not be as happy as you would if the fun were just steps from your room.

Also, ask if the resort has a private beach, one that is reserved only for the guests. Such beaches are more secluded and can allow you to enjoy some intimate moments with your partner without any nosy passersby.

Dan sips on a drink with paper umbrella in a pool at the Hilton Resort in Cancun, Mexico

3. How is the service?

Before choosing a resort, it is vital to inquire about the level of service they provide. Unless you have paid for it and the description includes it, don’t be disappointed if you don’t have a butler or someone to prepare your bath.

That said, keep in mind that you will always get what you paid for. Does your package include a cucumber eye mask, or freshly-squeezed orange juice delivered to your door every morning? Then that’s what you’ll get.

Quality of service can either make or break a resort’s reputation. Couples go on vacation to get peace of mind and make those the best days of their lives. They expect prompt and efficient service, a well-maintained resort, and friendly and kind staff.

Poor service – slow service, negative attitudes, overbooked rooms – can ruin it all. We’ll tell you how to avoid that later in this article.

TIP: Remember about tipping. While it isn’t necessarily required for good service, employees really appreciate your tips, since they rely on it for a large part of their income. So please, don’t forget to exchange money from home or from the airport to give them some tip. And remember to be discreet.

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4. How’s the ambiance?

Most of the couples choose to spend their vacations on a resort because they desire the calm and serene atmosphere they provide. However, that peaceful feeling largely depends on the location and management.

If it’s an all inclusive resort for families, kids may be screaming, splashing, and running around all day long. That’s not a good fit if you are seeking a romantic getaway for two.

Mexican architecture, fountain and landscaping at La Hacienda Resort, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Speaking of noise, check if the resort lies near an airport or busy motorway. Or if it’s Party Central, you may end up with loud tiki bar music all the time, whether you like it or not.

Other than this, there’s the service aspect. If the staff is poorly trained and the place is not well maintained, you may have more to handle than you bargained for.

5. Are the accommodations and view to your liking?

It is human nature to like something that’s pleasing to the eyes. A resort is worthless if it doesn’t offer heartwarming views when you look outside the window.

  • Try to go for a resort that offers splendid views. Some hotels may charge you extra for rooms with good view, so make sure to investigate such details.
  • Other than this, make sure the rooms are spacious and comfortable to live in with all other amenities such as warm water etc.
  • Also find out if the room’s mini-bar is included.
Private lounge chairs on a beach, overlooking the water at a couples resort in Curacao

6. Where’s the fun?

Besides comfy pool-side lounge chairs, good resorts need to offer a variety of fun things to do, right?

  • If you’re staying at a resort as a twosome, inquire about activities such as wine tastings, massages for couples, and even dance lessons.
  • Ask around and find out if any watersports are available. Some resorts offer sports such as kayaking, snorkeling, and paddle boarding.
  • Sitting on a white sand beach all week might sound fun in theory, but what if it gets boring? You may decide to explore the area. Are side trips included? Do you have to pay for guides? Is there a shuttle into town? Are there any places to hike?
  • If your romantic vacation includes your family, you might find a waterpark or mini-golf or even a playground for you and your kids to enjoy.
  • See if there are any events at night and then go make the most out of them.

If you are keenly interested in specific activities, some resorts specialize in golf, scuba, sightseeing, spas, or fitness.

Underwater shot of a school of blue and yellow fish

7. How is the food?

Good food is the secret to happy guests, so it is crucial to look at your dining options. While all inclusive resorts commonly offer three meals a day, not all do. Some resorts may charge extra for meals or for alcohol.

If the resort does not offer breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you will need to ask about the on- and offsite resort food options.

  • How many food venues are available onsite? Trust us on this: Few things will ruin a getaway vacation faster than only having one or two restaurant options and being forced to eat from the same menu again and again.
  • What different types of food do they offer? Italian, sushi, fast food? If you have food issues (allergies, limited food likes, religious, etc.), can they accommodate your needs?
  • Is fine dining available, and if so, is it included in the cost? Are reservations required?
  • At what time are the restaurants open? Are some open all day, or only for dinner? Make sure you know if there’s a certain time you will need to eat.

Find out if any of the food venues have a dress code, such as no short pants or no swimming suit.

Margaritas and Guacamole in Cancun, Mexico

8. Beverages with paper umbrellas – yes or no?

We have been to at least one couples resort where all libations were included in the price. All well and good if spirits and liquors are included, but what if they’re not?

Questions to ask:

  • Is there a cocktail bar?
  • Will beer and wine be included with meals?
  • Does the resort have a happy hour?
Display of alcohol at a couples resort bar

9. Are there any extra costs to consider?

It’s true – most services from your resort are included in your vacation package. Still, you might need to shell out some more cash for some extra activities and services.

  • Do you offer room upgrades? You may be able to purchase premium rooms, special pool services and top-level restaurants.
  • What spa services are included? You’ll probably have to pay for some spa services, but perhaps not all. When it comes to resort facilities such as hydrotherapy pools and sauna, these are usually free for you to enjoy.
  • Which activities are free? Most non-motorized activities are free (like snorkeling or morning tai chi). Others, like jet-skis, may be in high demand and thus available for a limited time every day. And other sports, like diving, have a high overhead and will be available at extra cost.
Golden sunset reflects on the water in St. Martin. Sailboats silhouetted in the background.

10. What do others say?

Online resort reviews can help you get an unbiased opinion. These reviews are usually true and can let you know about a resort’s service.

Terms like “couples holidays” and “best all inclusive resorts for adults” can help you find reviews. If kids are involved, try “all inclusive family resorts.”

Check a few review sites like TripAdvisor and Booking.com, because the quality can vary from one site to another. Also, note of how recently the reviewer stayed at the resort. Resort management can change, so older reviews may no longer be accurate.

Over to you

Couple vacations need to be planned properly, especially when it comes to resorts. But armed with the right information ahead of time, you will have a trip to remember and return with a new spark in your relationship.

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