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Singapore Botanic Gardens in Photos

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Dear Luke and Leia,

Today we visited the Singapore Botanic Gardens and saw so many colors of flowers that my box of Crayola crayons was jealous. From the very beginning we realized it would be different with the ornate entrance doors into the garden. Our first impression was inviting.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Beautifully lined paths meandered effortlessly through lush green trees and shrubs, inviting us deeper into the gardens.

Meandering paths lead into the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Creative sculptures

The sculptures along the lake were very interesting, depicting both people and animals enjoying the scenery.

sculpture of mother swinging a child

statue of geese in flight in a Singapore Botanic Gardens lake

sculpture of Child playing in the water at Singapore Botanic Gardens

But it was the flowers and plants that stole the show. It is amazing the shapes and colors that nature provides that capture our imagination leading us to a place of peace.

Here are just a few:

Red chrysanthemum glower

purple Coleus

Deer sculpture surrounded by flowers

National Orchid Garden

There was a special section where people had their pictures taken the most. It was the National Orchid Garden. It contained so many varieties of orchids, most of which we have never seen before.

National Orchid Garden sign at Singapore Botanic Gardens

Purple Orchid

White and pale pink Orchid

It was fun to see people taking pictures of each other to capture them inside the beauty of the gardens.

Man photographing his wife in Singapore Botanic Gardens

Couple in Singapore Botanic Gardens


Of course, I had to capture your beautiful Nana in the National Orchid Garden, too.

Singapore Botanic Gardens
Linda as “a flower among flowers”

Even the birds were enjoying the gardens with a short bath.

Birds enjoying the water in Singapore Botanic Gardens

So which part of Singapore Botanic Gardens was my favorite?

Well, it's hard to say because we saw several of the most unusual plants I have laid my eyes on.

Insect eating orchids

Insect eating Orchid

Insect eating orchid

Beautiful elaborate orchid

Eventually it was time to find our way back out and head to the hotel for much needed sleep.

We will write again soon. We miss you guys.


Nana and Pap

White elephant sculpture
Child swing sculpture along lake Singapore Botanic Gardens
Paths through Singapore Botanic Gardens


Written by Dan

Professional photographer specializing in street, food and travel shots at As We Saw It travel blog. Enjoys catching children at play, showing their innocence in every situation … we all can learn that, to be content with what our Father in heaven has provided. Photography is unique in that it captures light in all forms, and since the Bible says YHVH (God) is light, photography captures Him in many forms.

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14 thoughts on “Singapore Botanic Gardens in Photos

  1. Oh wow Singapore Botanical Gardens is spectacular – the colours! Incredible. I love how its a blog post from Nana and Pop, what a great way for family to share travels 🙂

    1. Singapore sure has put a lot of effort into its botanic gardens, that’s for sure!

      I sure do wish we could take Luke and Leia to see it themselves. Maybe someday. It’s such a shame that we’re unable to see them at the moment, though we’ve tried. This is our therapy, I guess. We have no other way to share how much we love, miss and think about them.

  2. I love the Singapore Botanical Gardens…your photos have reminded me how great they are! I’ll be adding them to the list for the next visit.

  3. Wow, amazing photos, it looks absolutely beautiful! I love visiting botanical gardens, I think this may be the prettiest I’ve seen! 🙂

    1. So do we. It must take an incredible number of gardeners and money to care for it. What’s really amazing is that (except for the orchid part) admission to the gardens is completely free.

  4. What a beautiful place! Some people think gardens are boring but to me they can be one of the most interesting places to visit. I remember how amazed I was when I visited the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden. I think I would be that amazed in the Singapore Garden.

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