A Perfect One Day in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


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Who can resist exclusive celebrity filled Cabo San Lucas, where “the beautiful people” are said to vacation? I know we couldn’t when we were there for a seminar.

Mexico has always been a favorite country of ours and we were intrigued by the famous resort town. Burning question: What was the big deal?

Hard Rock Cafe in Cabo San Lucas

First time in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo is at the southern tip of Baja California, the long peninsula that runs along Mexico’s west coast. It’s all desert, heat and ocean. Like other resorts, our beachfront hotel (Sheraton’s Hacienda del Mar) was on the Corredor Turistico. The highway makes it convenient to get into town but still, most of the hotels still seem pretty far away.

We extended our stay after the conference so we could try to see why people call Cabo a playground for the rich and famous … or at least explore the town a bit. As the taxi took us into town we noticed that the areas closest to the water were upscale and modern – obviously for the moneyed tourists. The locals lived in the cheaper, hotter areas that laid further inland, where there is less of a breeze.

ⓘ TIP:  The airport servicing Cabo also serves other popular destinations. Your best best is to use an airport transportation company to transfer to and from the airport.

Our one day in Cabo San Lucas

Our final day began when the taxi dropped us off right in front of the Hard Rock Café, which had some pretty funky giant saguaro cactus statues standing guard out front. First priority: take our souvenir Hard Rock photo and get a t-shirt.

We couldn’t find a good map of the town so we went exploring. For us, that means just wandering down random streets to see what we find. As we crossed a square along the way I saw a museum that looked interesting – but it was closed, so all I could get was a photo.

Shopkeepers everywhere tried to lure us in to take a peek at their wares. Everything seemed a bit pricy, but that really isn’t surprising since it takes forever to truck stuff down there.

museum in Cabo San Lucas

Finally, we turned down a street that took us past the cruise ship dock – even higher prices there – to the marina area. I didn’t realize it was possible to fit that many boats into such a small area.

Cabo San Lucas marina

A few blocks away we found the marina, which was handy since we were getting pretty hungry. We had lunch in a restaurant along the waterfront and Dan had a mariachi band serenade me with one of our special songs, Brown Eyed Girl.

I chose to try a cactus salad and now I know that I’m not a fan of cactus. It wasn’t a problem though, since – as usual – I’d filled up on their fresh tortilla chips and real Mexican salsa. Hmmm … maybe I’ll just order Margaritas, chips and salsa next time. Happy tummy, happy wallet.

tip of Baja California

Glass bottom boat tour

After lunch we decided to take a glass bottom boat tour and ordered a bucket of beers for the trip. The small boat took us around to show us the iconic arch at the peninsula’s tip and the beaches and rock formations nearby. We got a fabulous view of the town from the water.

Although we couldn’t see much sea life beneath us we still felt a tad envious when we saw a couple of divers exploring the rocks nearby, people fishing, and others enjoying the beach.

This was the first time I’d ever gotten a chance to see sea lions in their natural habitat. (Tip: Resist the temptation to get too close to them; they really stink.)

Tequila tasting

When the boat returned us to the dock we continued our wandering around town. We found a nice mall to explore and checked out the tequilas they were selling. Dan’s father bought one; we just sampled.

Margaritas and guacamole in Mexico

Mexican food with a view

Then, to end the day we found a restaurant with a second-floor terrace and had a nice dinner with fresh seafood. I’m sorry I don’t have a photo to share with you. We ate it too quickly.

So that’s how we spent one day in Cabo. What would you do if you were there for a day?

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Written by Linda

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3 thoughts on “A Perfect One Day in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico”

  1. Hello Im Betty Kim, I wanna to say I’m glad that you and your husband had a great time and tasty food in Cabos, I must say this city have a lot of thing to give so all their visitors and citizens can enjoy; and yes, the sea lions are very smelly I got near them and it was a bad idea, but it’s beautiful to see them, and the ocean it’s wonderful. In other hand I want to share my experience like tourist in Cabo before becoming a citizen for a while.

    At first time Cabo San Lucas can be really hot by the summer, also like you say many hotels are very far to get to the malls and some touristic attractions, also they are very far from the airport, so I recomend to all to book with a taxi service or an airport shuttle service, it make the arrive to your final destination of the flight more comfortable and fast; cuz in my case I was starving and urge to get to the hotel and eat some tasty food (I didn’t want to eat in the airport because sometimes are very expensive). The prices can be afodable and the vehicles are in good conditions, also you wont worry about the extra taxes that the public taxis may charge you for their service, they can be really pricey, also they might take you in the ling way to get to your hotel making the price even higher (it happend to a friend).
    So, I really recommend you book afterhand with a airport transportation company like Feraltar, their prices was very good and the service was great.

    Like you I went in a boat tour trying to see sea life but it was a little difficult. The ocean was clear and beautiful, making a great place for photos of the nature, I was more into photos than to be in the water, hilarious cuz with the hot it feel, bieng in the water wil be fantastic. For now I’m working and enjoying my stay in Cabo San Lucas and their tasty food.

    • Thanks for sharing your tips, Betty. You make a good point that taxis are expensive. As you said, shuttles are a good option, and thanks for the recommendation. However, they charge per person. We have generally found that Uber is a better deal because we travel as a couple.

    • Hi Betty, thanks for your comment. You’re right about the shuttle service; it’s definitely preferable to a taxi. We try to use private shuttle services but it usually isn’t cost effective for us. Shuttles charge per person and Uber is a lot cheaper.


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