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Layover in London: The Tower of London The Tower of London - Layover in London Day Three Visit the Tower of London on a layover, a Royal Castle dating back to late 1066. The castle was key to controlling all o...

Tower of London, London, United Kingdom

Layover in London: Cruise on the Thames River cruise on the Thames What to do with free time during a layover in London? Why not take a river cruise on the Thames from Westminster to Gree...

Greenwich, England, United Kingdom

Layover in London: A Quick Sightseeing Tour A layover in London includes a quick sightseeing tour and a view of the city from above on the London Eye.

Tower Bridge, Tower Bridge Road, London, United Kingdom

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Tourism website: Visit Britain

Time zone: UTC/GMT +01:00

Currency: GBP – British pound

Official language: English

UNESCO World Heritage sites: 30

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