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Would you like us to feature your brand, logo or business appear on AWSI, or to invite us to showcase your destination to our readers? We can spotlight your brand through a new sponsored post or a link in an existing publication.

Or perhaps you’re considering a social media campaign, a banner ad or an in-line content ad?

All of these options are available on As We Saw It.

Note that we will not link to gambling, betting, casino, pharma or adult sites.

Sponsored posts

We can publish a new sponsored post based upon your topic and link. Your article will include one embedded do-follow link with the keyword of your choice. It will be indexed and navigable through our site and links will be valid for one year. Permanent placement is 2 years paid upfront.

All new sponsored posts are actively promoted on social media. We also create and share on Pinterest for evergreen exposure.

Pricing starts at: $200. We can either use an article that you provide OR our copywriters will create an SEO-optimized article related to your business. Note that we reserve the right to refuse articles that don’t meet our guidelines. Click here to see the writers’ guidelines.

Sponsored links

We can also insert your links into an existing post, using your choice of keywords. All links are do-follow and will remain active for one year. Permanent link is two years paid upfront.

Pricing: $75 per link. Upgrades are available, such as top-of-post, high-ranking post, and highlighted links.

We reserve the right to add, change, nofollow, move, or remove other links as we deem appropriate.

Display advertising

Banner, sidebar, and in-line advertisements are also available on As We Saw It. We’ve contracted with Mediavine for our display advertising.

To appear on our site, simply click this URL to dynamically bid on our space: https://sales.mediavine.com/as-we-saw-it

Social media campaigns

We can also promote your brand and @ handle on your preferred social media channels, using your specified hashtags to maximize your ROI. Contact us with your requirements for the campaign. We will reply with our media kit and a ballpark price.

More information? For a custom package quotation Contact us here and include the following in your email:

  • Product / Destination / Service description for campaign;
  • Country you are targeting;
  • Social media platform(s) required.

Have a low budget? Ask about our new sites!

What kind of ROI can you expect?

Of course, you want people to know what you have to offer. As We Saw It covers destinations in an interesting and engaging way and we interlink articles, so readers are led to click on related stories on our blog. In addition, articles that appear on As We Saw are syndicated through Triberr and RSS.

Each month sees a phenomenal growth in visits to our website. Statistics last updated August 1, 2018.

  • Site visits: 65,000
  • Unique visitors: 68,000+
  • Page views: 77,000+
  • Newsletter subscribers: 1175+
  • Domain Authority: 39
  • Page Authority: 43

We are very active on social media and have an organic following across a variety of different social media platforms, including Flipboard and Flickr. Also, our followers regularly share our content.

  • Twitter followers: 25,000 +
  • Triberr/RSS syndication reach: 25 Million+
  • Facebook fans: 1,800+
  • Instagram followers: 11,000+
  • Pinterest reach (monthly): 188,000 +
  • YouTube views (monthly): 1,470+

ⓘ TIP:  For the best ROI, be sure your partnership is in line with AWSI’s travel style, audience interest and philosophy.

Find out more

We are ready to help through our detailed articles, high-quality photos, and targeted social media campaigns. We’re happy to answer any questions. No obligation.

For more exposure on our blog, send Linda an email. Please include which location you wish to promote and nature of your link (hotel, tour, etc.).

Payments are made via our PayPal account unless stated otherwise.

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