Forced to Relax in Curacao


Few things can compare to being sick on vacation. Having planned a weekend full of sightseeing in Curacao, we were devastated when we awoke on the first day and both felt poorly.

We could barely scrape up enough energy to go downstairs to the hotel restaurant for breakfast, for goodness’ sake. We had a revelation as we sat at the table: we never rest when we travel.

Most of our time is spent out and about, exploring with our cameras. Today, however, we didn’t want to go anywhere. Instead we decided to try something new: nothing.

Yup, no sightseeing for us. Thank goodness we had seen Willemstad the day we’d arrived.

Lazing by the pool

By the time we’d finished our morning meal, all the lounge chairs on the white sand beach were claimed. We decided instead to drop our stuff on chaises by the infinity-edge, free-form pool and jump in.

As we paddled around, we noticed that some women were sunbathing topless. All I could think was, if anyone tried this at a hotel back in the States, they’d have been arrested by now!

chaise lounge chairs on the beach

Soaking wet, we plopped down to dry in the hot sun and promptly fell asleep. When we awoke, we carried our snorkeling gear down to the water’s edge and swam out to see the fish swimming around the dive pier. Although we recognized some that we’d had in our saltwater aquarium back in Florida, Nemo and Dory were not among them.

I allowed the gentle waves to carry me up and down and let my body float in the warm water.

How to have a lazy lunch

Tip: We soon discovered that if all the beach chairs are occupied in the morning, there’s a good chance of finding an empty one when all the beach-goers are off looking for something to lunch on. Not us. We indulged ourselves by ordering from the beach waiter.

No matter that the beachside menu was limited; we enjoyed the chicken fingers and our beer put us in the mood for another nap. I can’t remember the last time I’d slept as much. I awoke only when I needed to reposition my lounge chair into the shade cast by the thatched umbrella overhead. Ahh … I can see why people might say “this is The Life.”

Hilton hotel beach in Curacao

Hangin’ out at the tiki bar

Later we moseyed over to the tiki bar and claimed seats at the bar in full view of the wide-screen TV. We’re really not into drinking but we did want to watch the Super Bowl pregame. We thought of Dan’s family, who are rabid Steeler fans. Today was a High Religious Holiday for them, lol.

tables at Hilton's tiki bar in Curacao

You know what? While I was sitting there I discovered that Blue Curacao is only one of many. The bar had an array of Curaçao’s namesake liqueurs, arranged in a rainbow of colors. Too bad the bartender was busy. I wanted to know what they all tasted like.

One dinner and two drinks later, when we realized that the Packers were going to trounce the Steelers, we called it a night and went back to our room to catch some more “zzzs.”

Maybe being sick on vacation isn’t such a bad thing. This was the first time we did nothing for an entire day when we were away from home, but it was a day well spent, nonetheless.

Where we stayed: Hilton Curacao – now rebranded as Dreams Curacao Resort, Spa & Casino.

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Written by Linda

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3 thoughts on “Forced to Relax in Curacao”

  1. It’s funny when you travel just how easy it is to forget to relax.
    Some people come back from a vacation so exhausted that they need another vacation.

    I love those little thatch covered parasols on the beach. It looks like a totally relaxing spot.


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