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Venice Is Where I Found My New Travel Partner

Front of Venetian gondola, as seen by passenger. Bridge and oncoming gondola in background

Places to stay in Venice My story goes back to 2011, when Linda and I were finishing up a “Grand Tour” through Europe. We had been on the road for five weeks straight and now were ready to tackle Venice. The problem is that Linda is “vertically challenged.” At 5’ 3”, she’s short enough that …

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25 Unique Gifts for Travelers

Man wheeling luggage through airport departures area

Find creative and unique travel gifts ideas for the world traveler in your life. Find the perfect present or something for yourself, click here for some unusual ideas.

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How To Safely Book International Flights

laptop with sunglasses and a drink on the beach. text says booking

Booking an international flight from anywhere in the world has never been easier. By simply clicking and entering your details online, you’ll get your flight of choice with ease. You can book international flights online from your home in your pajamas if you like. With everything moving online these days, travel becomes a lot more accessible …

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