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Layover in Singapore

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Dear Luke and Leia,

We are on our way to Panama and have a short layover in Singapore, so with a day or so to kill we decided to pay the city a visit. What a beautiful, modern and clean city it is. Singapore is a city-country that is on an island just south of Malaysia but north of Bali, Indonesia.

Night in Singapore

Same shot in the daylight.

Singapore really comes aglow at night when the plain buildings take on the wonderful colors of the lights. I set up the camera to take a photo at night our first night and then again for the morning capturing the same buildings in daylight. Now you can see the difference.

City Tours Hop-on Hop-off bus

We are going to take a Hop-on Hop-off tour bus that will allow us to cover this city in the limited time we are here. The buses are open on the top floor and the trip includes a ride on the Singapore river for a different angle to see it.

City Tours HIPPO River cruise boat

We saw so much that we want to come back to Singapore and will write to you again tomorrow. We saw the Singapore Flyer which we will ride tomorrow for a different view.

Singapore Flyer with tons of ships in the background

We saw a building that looked like a big boat on top of three towers. It is an icon of Singapore. This is called the Marina Bay Sands hotel and at night it has a really cool light show on the waterfront. If you stay there, you can get a spectacular view from a disappearing edge pool on the roof.

Marina Bay Sands from the river boat.

While on the river cruise, we saw a bunch of boys jumping into the river. Okay Luke, not really but it is an artwork done by Chong Fah Cheong, a Singaporean and it is named The First Generation. It was so hot and the water looked perfect to jump into, but we moved on.

The First Generation by Chong Fah Cheong
The First Generation by Chong Fah Cheong

Next we saw a huge lion spitting water out at us. Actually this is Merlion in Merlion Park along the Singapore river. This is really a sealion head with a fish body.

Merlion in Merlion Park with the cityscape of Singapore

After the boat ride we got back on the bus and headed to Little India. This is a section of town where people from India have settled in and brought their culture.

Little India in Singapore

Most of the people of India are Hindu, just like many of those on Bali. They have very colorful idols that they make and worship like this picture of Sri Mariamman Temple. The cow is a sacred animal to them but dinner for us, lol.

Sri Mariamman Temple in Little India, Singapore
Hindu Sacred Cow idols.

Well, time to head back to our hotel. We are staying at the Pan Pacific near the top floor. We love the hotel, the service and the views. We will write again soon.

Pan Pacific hotel, Singapore

We miss you two. Behave.


Nana and Pap


Written by Dan

Professional photographer specializing in street, food and travel shots at As We Saw It travel blog. Enjoys catching children at play, showing their innocence in every situation … we all can learn that, to be content with what our Father in heaven has provided. Photography is unique in that it captures light in all forms, and since the Bible says YHVH (God) is light, photography captures Him in many forms.

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5 thoughts on “Layover in Singapore

  1. Super stuff guys! We just chilled at Changi for the 2 recent layovers we had in Singapore. Time to explore the city for our next trip. I did note SO many ships in harbor as we flew in both times. Major league shipping channel there.


    1. We totally agree, Sally. Every time we go we find new things to see and do. I think Singapore is the most cosmopolitan city I’ve experienced yet.

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