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The last night of our Amazon tour, we stayed at a really cute hotel in Banos. (They spell it Baños, and it’s short for Baños de Agua Santa.) But “cute” only goes so far; ultimately, what matters is the service, the location, and the comfort. OK, the decor, too. Anyway, we took photos while we were there and I thought you might like to see them and hear a little about our stay.

Our hotel in Baños: The Volcano Hotel

Our tour company had chosen the Volcano Hotel, which was very well maintained.

At the end of the driveway there was a nice porch with comfortable chairs to sit at and enjoy the tranquility of the garden. The sitting area had a few hummingbird feeders hanging nearby, and a variety of hummingbirds buzzed in to feed on them while we sat there.

Cobbled driveway and parking area of Volcano Hotel in Banos, with a small garden


Down at the end of the driveway and around the corner were a hot tub and pool. The management had posted a sign at the desk: If you let them know three hours ahead, they’ll get the hot tub going so it’s nice and toasty for you when you arrive.

We didn’t do the hot tub. Instead, we visited the public baths. When we returned, the night attendant gave us fresh towels and took our wet bathing suits. An hour later, she knocked on our door. Our suits had been dried and folded and she handed them to me with a smile, still warm from the dryer.

volcano hotel Ecuador, Destinations, South America

Our room

We had a fabulous view of the mountains from our window.

volcano hotel Ecuador, Destinations, South America

It was a nice surprise to find cathedral ceilings AND a loft, complete with an extra bed. Handy for families, don’t you think?

Loft area in our bedroom, complete with another bed.

They do this in Europe all the time: Put two twin beds together and then make it up with king-size sheets. We definitely did not feel cramped. And the bathroom? It was small and basic – nothing special – but the shower was hot.

View of bedroom from loft.

The location

Volcano Hotel is on a one-way street, with little traffic and even less traffic noise. We walked back from the baths after dark and felt very safe because the road was well lit. It was in a great location for the town as well: only four blocks from the church and two blocks from the public baths.

The food

Some of our tour group spent their afternoon on the veranda, sipping wine from the hotel bar and checking email. (Wi-fi was free, even in our room.) They stayed at the hotel for dinner and said the food was good.

The price of the room included breakfast. Breakfast was included with our room; they included eggs nicely cooked to order along with the buffet.

So there you have it: where we stayed in Baños. We’d stay there again. Would you?

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  1. Gracias por escribir experiencias positivas acerca de mi país Ecuador y de mi establecimiento el Hotel Volcano. A nosotros nos anima a seguir adelante trabajando para el turismo en general y ser canal de bendición para las personas que dependen de nuestro accionar.

    • Hello, Edith. You are very welcome. We were happy to share our experience at your hotel. You made us feel very welcome, and the bed was quite comfortable.


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