Perched directly on the South American equator, Ecuador is best known for its amazing wildlife-spotting opportunities. Most visitors spend their entire holiday touring the Galapagos Islands, never realizing what they are missing in the rest of the country.

Ecuador has three distinct regions: Coastal, Andes and Amazon, each with its own climate and weather. You can visit the Andes to wander down Cuenca’s cobbled colonial streets, sunbathe on a tranquil Pacific beach, stand on the Equator in Quito, encounter indigenous tribes in the Amazon, shop in a rural market at Otavalo, and bathe in volcanic waters in Banos. No wonder it’s such a popular retirement destination.

Where abouts in Ecuador?

Guide To the Best Things To Do in Baños, Ecuador Ecuador bound? Here is a list of things to do in Baños, from soaking in its volcanic hot springs, to food, to extreme sp...

Banos, Tungurahua, Ecuador

AmaZOOnico: Animal Rescue in Ecuador’s Amazon amaZOOnico, a volunteer animal rescue center in Ecuador's Amazonian rainforest, rescues animals from illegal trade and r...

amaZOOnico, Provincia de Napo, Ecuador

How to Find and Rent an Apartment in Cuenca, Ecuador Balcony Walk in old town Cuenca, Ecuador Do-it-yourself advice on how to find and rent a fully furnished, short- or long-term apartment in beautiful Cuenca, Ecua...

Cuenca, Azuay, Ecuador

Feria Libre: Live Like a Local in Cuenca, Ecuador Visit Feria Libre, Cuenca's largest local market, for the freshest, cheapest food and the best place to experience the l...


Sightseeing in Ecuador: Cuenca’s Parque Calderon View of the church's blue domes in Parque Calderon Cuenca Ecuador Cuenca, Ecuador, has charming squares and churches at every turn, so why do people make such a big deal about Parque Cal...

Parque Calderon, Cuenca, Ecuador

Ingapirca Sun Temple Near Cuenca, Ecuador Ingapirca Sun Temple

Ingapirca Ruinas, Cañar Province, Ecuador

The Day Ecuador Kicked Us Out Ingapirca, Ecuador What if you flew home and immigration wouldn't let you in? Here is the true story of when Ecuador kicked us out.

Aeropuerto Jose Joaquin De Olmedo, Guayaquil, Ecuador

Photos from Cuenca Ecuador: 13 Colonial Balconies Balcony Walk in old town Cuenca, Ecuador Amazing architectural details can be found in Cuenca's colonial balconies: such as eye-popping color and intricate wroug...

Banco Pichincha, Cuenca, Ecuador

Our First Furnished Apartment in Cuenca’s El Centro church and cobbled street in El Centro Cuenca Ecuador Find out why we chose to move from Cuenca's modern Gringolandia to an older apartment in its historic El Centro.

Octavio Cordero, Cuenca, Ecuador

Mitad del Mundo: The Great Equator Hoax in Quito Ecuador lies on the equator and has the real equator line monuments to prove it ... but there's one thing about Mitad del Mundo that nobody wants to talk about. Ecuador lies on the equator and has the monuments to prove it ... but there's one thing about Mitad del Mundo that nobod...

Mitad del Mundo, Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador

Amazon Kichwa: How to Use a Blowgun Roger tries his hand at blowing a dart gun Visit a Kichwa community in Ecuador's Amazon basin and learn their ways, like how to create and use a blowgun for huntin...

Arajuno, Pastaza, Ecuador

Review: The Volcano Hotel Banos, Ecuador On the last night of our Amazon tour we stayed at the Volcano Hotel in Banos, Ecuador. Here's how it went.

Hotel Volcano, Rafael Vieira, Banos, Ecuador

Why Is Cuenca, Ecuador a UNESCO Site? blue domes of Cuenca's Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception Cuenca is Ecuador's most European city, a charming, 500-year-old city sitting high in the Andes that's become popular fo...

Cuenca, Azuay, Ecuador

Amazon Kichwa: Panning for Gold Kichwa panning for gold To support themselves, Ecuador's Kichwa pan for gold in the Amazon basin. Here's how they do it.

Arajuno Canton, Pastaza, Ecuador

The Cost of Food in Cuenca Ecuador – Here’s What We Paid food in cuenca ecuador How much does food cost in Cuenca? You be the judge: See what we purchased with $15 and read about the quality of food i...


Amazon Kichwa: Native Faces Visiting the Kichwa of Ecuador during an Amazon tour includes a chance to photograph tribe members and get your face pai...

Arajuno, Pastaza Province, Ecuador

Sleeping in the Amazon at Cotococha Lodge Cotococha Lodge on the Napo River One of the highlights of the tour was our stay at Cotococha Amazon Lodge, a fabulous lodge that truly captured the Amazo...

Cotococha Amazon Lodge - Napo River Lodge, Provincia de Napo, Ecuador

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