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Named for its position directly on South America’s equator line, Ecuador is best known for its amazing wildlife-spotting opportunities. Most visitors spend their entire holiday touring the Galapagos Islands, never realizing what they are missing in the rest of the country.

Ecuador’s three distinct regions – Coastal, Andes and Amazonian – has its own climate and weather. You can visit the cool, foggy Andes to wander down Cuenca’s cobbled colonial streets, sunbathe on a tranquil Pacific beach, stand on the Equator in Quito, encounter indigenous tribes in the Amazon, shop in a rural market at Otavalo, and bathe in volcanic waters in Banos. No wonder it’s such a popular retirement destination.

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We Tried Sleeping in the Amazon

Cotococha Lodge on the Napo River

After more than two years in Panama, it was time to move on. Despite the wonderful memories and lifelong friends we’ve made there, there was so much more we want to eat, see, and experience … so on June 1, 2013, we moved our belongings to Ecuador!

Three days after moving into our new apartment, we were on our first trip. Five days and four nights in the Amazon basin. We’d cross the Andes mountains, seeing parts of Ecuador most people never even imagined.

Imagine visiting an Amazon rescue center, taking blow gun lessons from an Amazon tribe, and getting up close and personal with llamas. We did that, and more. (Links at the end.)

Ecuadorian woman with llamas

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Tourism website: Ecuador Travel

Time zone: UTC/GMT -05:00

Currency: USD – American dollar

Official language: Spanish

UNESCO World Heritage sites: 5

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