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10 Cool Facts About Bethlehem City view of Bethlehem Israel Palestinian Territory 10 interesting facts about Bethlehem that you might not know, from entering Palestinian Territory from Israel to culture...

Church of Nativity

Visiting Bethlehem on a Day Trip from Jerusalem Bethlehem, Palestine What is it like to visit Bethlehem, West Bank, the birthplace of Jesus, and home to some of the world's oldest Christian...


How to Swim in the Dead Sea it's floating, not swimming, in the Dead Sea If you want to swim in the Dead Sea, here are 7 tips, along with sample poses you can do for your Dead Sea photo op. Rea...

Yam HaMelach

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Time zone: UTC/GMT +03:00

Currency: ILS – New Israeli Shekel

Official language: Arabic

UNESCO World Heritage sites: 2