Impressions of Curacao from a First-Time Visitor

Call us crazy, but whenever we visit a new place we always find ourselves asking, Could we live here? It's fun, we think, to try to imagine life as a local, not a tourist, even if we might never actually do that. So, after a weekend in the country, here were our initial impressio...
Off to Curacao for a visa run

Off To Curacao for Visa Run Fun

Dear Luke and Leia, We flew off to Curacao for a visa run this weekend, planning to do some sight-seeing, snorkeling and food sampling and then fly back to Panama for another few months. But boy, were we in for a surprise as to what the weekend had in store for the two of us.
Green water of Emerald Pool, Dominica

Emerald Pool, Dominica

In Dominica, a half-hour hike in Morne Trois Pitons National Park brings you to a spectacular 40-foot waterfall grotto called Emerald Pool.

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