A Quick Peek at Cabo San Lucas

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We were very fortunate to be able to fly to Cabo San Lucas to attend a seminar. Making it an even more special experience, Dan’s father was able to fly in from Florida for the seminar as well. This was a true blessing for us and an enlightening experience for him, introducing us all to a world of new opportunities and ideas.

Since I love spicy Mexican dishes, I have often thought that eating is the best part of being in Mexico. We made it a point to sample dishes and Margaritas at all of the hotel restaurants. We enjoyed terrific Mexican food, from tamales and chilis rellenos to wonderfully flavored enchiladas with a dark molé sauce. But a bit of restaurant food just doesn’t cut it. We needed a day in Cabo San Lucas to fill our tummies and see the town.

chili rellenos smothered in mole

One day in Cabo

We scheduled a free day at the end of our stay so we’d have time to explore Cabo. The place is famous for being a playground for the rich and famous and we wanted to see what all the hype was about.

A taxi took us into town and dropped us downtown, on the main drag, right in front of the Hard Rock Café. Perfect! We enjoy “collecting” photos of Hard Rocks we find in our travels, so we snapped away. A family member collects T-shirts, so Dad went in to get a few as gifts for his sisters.
The Cabo San Lucas Hard Rock Cafe comes complete with cacti and the back end of a car.
We went down to the marina and hired a boat to take us to El Arco, the southernmost tip of Baja California, but not before collecting a bucketful of cold, dark Modelo Negro bottles for the trip.

Beers in hand we boarded our boat and set off. The boat had a glass bottom opening in the center and when we got to the reef, we were able to see the abundant marine life. Angel fish, grouper, snapper and many more were just below us. We wished we could don some fins and a tank and jump right in.

Making that feeling worse, divers would swim right below us. Torture! Heedless of the agony, our captain took us on, past sandy Lovers’ Beach, crowded with tourists frolicking in the surf. Nearby and within smelling distance (ugh!), we saw craggy rocks covered with pelicans, sea gulls or sea lions.

And then the famous Arch.

El Arco de Cabo San Lucas

The iconic arch was as fantastic as we had expected, but we were surprised by the many nearby rock formations pushing skyward into a deep blue emptiness. The hues of the water and the sky almost matched each other. After a sunless month (thanks to Panama’s rainy season), the contrast of the blue sky and sunshine were a welcome change.

After the boat ride, we ate lunch and did some more souvenir shopping before Dad decided to taste and buy some tequila. We told him about a tequila we’d previously tried and he loved it so much that he took a bottle back home with him.

We had a terrific time in a beautiful paradise. Even though we needed the information from the seminar, we sure did wish we had more time to explore Cabo San Lucas. If we go again, we will take the desert tour that we were unable to arrange this time. Diving will also be on the list of must-do adventures for Cabo. Thanks, Dad, for sharing this with us.

If you’d like to read more, Linda also has a post on our trip to Cabo.

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