Journal: The Biggest Travel Trap

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I was just sitting back thinking about the six pages of photos of Dublin, Ireland that I just posted online. When I told Linda that and she kindly replied “sweet,” I said, “Yes it is. I love Ireland.”

boats on the Shannon River in Ireland

For over three years Linda and I have been blessed with the chance to live overseas and travel. We've been around the world twice. We have seen marvelous places, warm friendly people and tasted the best each place has to offer in their culture. But therein lies the problem, and that's the biggest travel trap of all.

I can’t remember a place that we have visited that I didn’t like. Even the layover airports have been fun. Every location has provided an opportunity to expand my worldview, by learning how others live their lives, eat their foods and enjoy (what is, in their eyes) the best place to live.
Enjoying street food in Jaffa, Israel

The travel trap: Tried and true, or something new?

This leads to a crossroads for me. When it comes to the places I have been, I always want to go back and experience more. Those places that I've seen have offered me so many wonderful things. There are still road trips to drive, new local dishes to try, museums and attractions I didn't have time to enjoy the first time.

Wherever I have visited, I left knowing that I've only had a sampling of what the place had to offer.

Then again, what about the places I haven't been? If nothing else, those places I have visited have taught me that there is so much more to see on our big, beautiful planet. For every kind, friendly, inviting face on this street, for each building covered with dramatic history and memorable architectural design, there is yet another one just over the horizon waiting to be discovered.

Favorite country?

If you were to ask me what stands out among the sights, cities, foods and people I've seen, I might be able to tell you.

First though, I would have to ask, what continent or which country are you asking about? Are we talking about food, history, landscapes, culture, or romantic places? Depending on what we're talking about, I have favorites everywhere.

  • Asia: Malaysia for the variety of cultures, Cambodia for the people and Bali, Indonesia for the food and photography.
  • Europe: France for romance, Italy for the food, Ireland for landscapes, Czech Republic for the beer, and Germany for its Christmas markets. But don't ask me to choose a favorite when it comes to wine, because they all produce excellent vintages.
  • Middle East: Iraqi Kurdistan for the people, Israel for the freshness of its food
  • South America: Ecuador for the varied climates and for living among the Incas.
  • North America: U.S. (my homeland), Mexico for the food

Tanah Lot - beautiful temple in Bali

Ladies and gentlemen, we all have an opinion

So now the question bounces back to you. I'm eager to hear your opinions, because I welcome other points of view. As the saying goes, as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

Do you prefer to explore new places or return to an old favorite?

How do you choose a favorite? What is your most favorite place, of all the places you have been? Is there anywhere you have visited that you would never want to go back to? Why?

And if you haven’t traveled, why have you chosen not to?

Are you more comfortable staying where you are, or would you like to experience more of what the world is hiding from your sight? Is it fear? Finances? Time? Family obligations? Don’t know how or where to start?

Please share your thoughts below.

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Written by Dan

Professional photographer specializing in street, food and travel shots at As We Saw It travel blog. “Photography is unique in that it captures light in all forms, and since the Bible says YHVH (God) is light, photography captures Him in many forms.”

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11 thoughts on “Journal: The Biggest Travel Trap”

  1. I love to travel but usually avoid to go the same place twice as there are so many interesting and beautiful places around the world which I would like to see. However Austria and Maui are an exception, I could go back there any time.

  2. I try and make a challenge for myself – for every old place I visit, I have to check out a new place, too. Might be difficult this Fall with two trips to Munich and a repeat trip to Budapest, Vienna and Salzburg! The only tentative plans are Slovakia and Toulouse…!

      • Slovakia will be a new place since I didn’t hit it on my first trip to Prague and Budapest. As for Croatia and Montenegro, I loved them both! I would try and do them off-season though, since the coastline gets packed (so they say) in the summer months.

          • Split and Dubrovnik are great walking cities. I didn’t really blog when I went to split in 2009, but there’s a few Dubrovnik-related posts on my blog from last March. The pizza at Oliva is heavenly, and the city walls are a must. Montenegro has loads of places to see on the bay – will you be in Budva or Kotor or Tivat? Tivat is ugly and industrial (airport is there), Kotor is a UNESCO site and very pretty, and Budva is like a rich Russian resort…let me know!

          • The ship docks in Kotor, Split and Dubrovnik, all of which are UNESCO sites. We are so excited, even though we’ll only have about 8 hours in each city.

            The hardest part is deciding what to do in Split. Definitely want to see Diocletian’s Palace, but then we also want to see more of Split, and then Trogir is a nearby UNESCO site that looks totally amazing too…. What do you think, could we do all three in 8 hours?

  3. Iceland is my favorite country we’ve been to. I’ve been twice and am itching to go again! I’m not to keen on Spain. I don’t have a desire to go back. Rudest and hardest people I’ve ever dealt with!


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