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Work with Us – Promote Your Business

You have a business and want to get your name, brand or company in front of targeted buyers. As We Saw It is a well-established website that offers advice and valuable information to travelers. So when you work with us, it’s a win-win.

Why work with us?

As We Saw It is available to showcase your brand, hotel or destination to our targeted audience. Travelers come to our site to find answers to questions like:

When you work with us therefore, we can provide the articles, social shares, videos and online exposure to show the world what you have to offer.

Posing with a costumed character who gave a tour in Kilkenny Ireland.

We had fun promoting an entertaining tour in Kilkenny, Ireland.

How can we help you?

However, it’s not just the traffic itself; our influence and our relationship with our readers are what really maximize your ROI. Therefore, when we say we like a product or place, our readers listen, reply, engage and react. Our loyal followers have booked trips after reading our articles. We know that there is immense advertising value in our pages.

  • Press trips & destination partnerships: By inviting us to your destination, on your tour or into your country, you will be hiring us to showcase our experiences using professional photography and well-written articles on our award-winning blog. Our visit will include full promotion in social media.
  • Photography services. We are available to photograph your destination or establishment, or to document your tour. As PADI-certified divers, we are available for underwater photo shoots as well. Full rights to photos are available.
  • Sponsored content: If you are willing to follow Google’s guidelines, we would be happy to feature your brand on our site through an article written by your team (or by us) and published on our blog.
  • Social media campaigns: We can also promote your brand and @ handle on your preferred social media channels, using your specified hashtag to maximize your ROI.
  • Ambassadorship programs: If you would like us to be continual ambassadors for your brand or product, let us know and we will work out a package that is mutually beneficial.
  • Candid and confidential hotel reviews: In addition, we can visit your destination anonymously and provide confidential, objective feedback from a guest’s point of view. This will help you ensure that nothing is being overlooked and your future guests will have an enjoyable experience and leave happy.

Note: All partnerships must be in line with AWSI’s travel style, audience interest and philosophy.

Beautiful waterfront view of Cavtat, Croatia showcases photography you get when you work with us at AsWeSawIt.com

Our photos have appeared both on television and in national magazines.

What kind of ROI can you expect?

We do more than just write blog articles, so our influence extends far beyond what our website analytics reflect. For instance, we are very active on social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Also, our Twitter and Pinterest followers regularly share our content. Click here for social media statistics.

Further, As We Saw It is syndicated through Triberr and RSS as well. Every post has a reach of over 80,000,000.

Previous partnerships and promotions

Here are a few of the partners we have previously worked with. Please contact us for a list of the many photos and stories resulted from our partnership.

  • Viking River Cruises
  • Visit Portugal
  • Visit Costa Brava
  • Failte Ireland
Posing with head chef from Viking Bragi.

Some of our Viking River Cruise articles rank on Page 1 of Google.

How to proceed?

Would you like to see your brand, logo or business appear on AWSI, or to invite us to showcase your destination to our readers?

For more exposure at affordable cost, we are ready to help through our detailed articles, high-quality photos, and targeted social media campaigns. Contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions.


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