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Aug 19

One Day in Dubrovnik: How Much Can You Really See?

Dubrovnik is widely known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic” because of its stunning tile-red roofs and medieval stone walls jutting into the sparkling, azure blue Adriatic Sea. It is on CNN’s list of the Ten Best Medieval Walled Cities and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Yes, Dubrovnik is most definitely a must-see place.

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Jul 18

Civitavecchia Attractions: One Day in Rome’s Port

Civitavecchia, Italy, gets thousands of visitors a day even though is not known as a tourist destination. As a matter of fact, you wouldn’t even find it listed in most tour books were it not for its location. So the question is, What’s the attraction and why do so many people visit?

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Mar 18

Am I Really in Rome for Two Days?

Dear Luke and Leia, Am I really in Rome for two days? Wake up Dan, you’re dreaming, you can’t finally be in Rome. It must be a dream, a fantasy … all because it’s your birthday and you’ve always wanted to go to Rome.

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Feb 19

One Day in Amsterdam Walking With a Camera

Dear Luke and Leia, I get one day in Amsterdam walking with a camera and we are being shown around by Farieda, one of our dear friends.

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Feb 08

Mt. Pilatus: A Day Trip from Zurich

No epic adventure through Europe should be “go-go-go” all the time; a little down time is important as well. Ours was a 6-week trip that began with 10 days in Ireland and then a week-long Rhine River cruise. Needless to say, we scheduled in a few days of unplanned time between the two

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Jan 29

A Day Trip From Zurich to Lucerne and Mount Pilatus

Dear Luke and Leia, Today we took a day train trip from Zurich to Lucerne and nearby Mount Pilatus. Whenever we think of Switzerland, Swiss cheese, snow-capped mountains and gorgeous mountain lakes come to mind. This trip has it all, every icon you can probably think of.

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Jan 22

One Day in Zurich

Dear Luke and Leia, Here we are in Switzerland! I decided to share our first day in pictures as we roamed Zurich, a beautiful alpine city. Zurich is located at the tip of Lake Zurich, among the Swiss Alps on the northern border of Switzerland.

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Nov 27

Surprise Birthday Weekend in St. Maarten

Dear Luke and Leia, You guys are going to love what I did to surprise Nana for her birthday — a weekend in St. Maarten! Actually, I secretly planned the weekend, bought the plane tickets and made all the arrangements for a beautiful, relaxing hotel stay and some new and interesting excursions, all without Nana …

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Nov 09

One Day in Split, Croatia

Don’t let its inhospitable name fool you: If you’re visiting Croatia, you need to spend at least one day in Split. It may not be as well-known as Dubrovnik, its neighbor to the south, but Split is actually Croatia’s second-largest city and second-most popular destination.

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Nov 06

A Day Trip to Isla Grande Panama

Dear Luke and Leia, With your uncle Andrew visiting us here in Panama City we decided to take a day trip to Isla Grande. Isla Grande is a Caribbean island about an hour’s drive away.

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