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Photo Tips

Mar 21

How to Photograph Thaipusam at Batu Caves

How do you photograph the Hindu festival Thaipusam at Batu Caves, a site you’ve never visited before, with more than one million people in attendance?

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Aug 25

How to Prepare to Photograph Rothenburg

When I first laid eyes upon the itinerary for our Viking River Cruises trip from Budapest to Amsterdam, Rothenburg jumped off the page. It actually slapped me in the face so hard that I knew I had to learn how to prepare to photograph Rothenburg and capture it just as I have seen it so …

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Feb 09

Before You Go: 4 Tips for Great Travel Photos

Are you traveling to a dream destination? Bringing your camera? A little bit of planning beforehand will help to ensure you take your best photos ever. To help avoid any post-trip disappointment in what you captured on camera I have prepared a list of 4 tips for great travel photos. These are things you should …

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Jan 19

Photo Tips: Burst Mode – How to Shoot More of Less

The essence of a travel photographer’s job is to capture life as it happens. More times than not, as life tends to happen in front of our eyes, we are too worried about getting the perfect shot. By the time the shot presents itself and we recognize it and press the shutter button, it has …

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Aug 04

Photo Tips: Corfu Cat Playing Peek-a-Boo

Cat Playing Peek-A-Boo in Corfu, Greece As a travel photographer, looking for unique shot opportunities can be quite a challenge. Finding them can also become lots of fun. While winding through the buildings in the oldest area of Corfu, I caught this cat on a rooftop, peeking around a corner. He seemed to be in …

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Jan 12

Shooting in North Dublin – A New Way to See the City

Dublin is such a photogenic city, both day- and night-time. Dan finds plenty of things to photograph, no matter where we walk. With so many interesting things within blocks of our place, though, we’ve never bothered to check out the city’s outskirts. While we were at a bloggers’ conference, Faílte Ireland offered to send us …

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Nov 28

Photo Tips: Understanding f-stop to control depth of field

In photography, if you want to blur the background and lead your viewer’s eyes to the subject you must understand how to use the f-stop. The f-stop controls depth of field, how much of the photo is in focus. Although composition is always the most important feature of a photograph, depth of field is right …

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Sep 05

Photo Tips: Low light hand-held modes for travel photography

In travel photography you are going to run into situations where you want to take photos but there isn’t a lot of light available.  Learning to shoot in low light modes is a must if you want to capture and convey the feel of rain-washed streets at night or the inside an old cathedral. Most …

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