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Category Archive: Colombia


Jun 10

Colorful Colonial Cartagena Awaits You

Dear Luke and Leia, Guys you’re going to love colorful colonial Cartagena, a walled city founded in June of 1533, where old meets new in a seamless pattern of color, warmth and beauty. Pastel buildings with stunning balconies and intricate iron works line narrow cobblestone streets full of characters and tourists alike. The entire walled …

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May 13

Cartagena Old Town is a Photographer’s Dream

Beautiful, mysterious, and unique, Cartagena’s Old Town has no trouble getting attention. Its narrow streets and gorgeous architecture have made it one of Latin America’s most coveted and popular destinations.

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May 03

Panama to Colombia: Crossing the Darien Gap

If you have been entertaining any fantasies of driving an epic road trip on the highway that runs between Alaska and the tip of South America, be prepared when you get to Panama. You can’t drive to Colombia from there.

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Mar 21

Cartagena Icons That Are Not from Cartagena

As Colombia’s most popular destination, Cartagena captures the heart of everyone who visits. The walled historic center, her colorful houses, the sizzling heat, and the friendly people are only part of the magic.

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Sep 22

Cartagena Street Life

Cartagena, on Colombia’s Caribbean coastline, is one of the best reasons to visit the country, especially if you have a camera. It has a beautiful beach, fantastic restaurants, lively street life, and an old town so full of charming colonial architecture that it deserves its UNESCO World Heritage status.

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