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United States of America

May 16

One Weekend in Washington, DC: 6 things to do

Take a break and plan a weekend in Washington DC using this list of the top 6 things to see and do in America’s capital city.

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May 02

9 Helpful Tips for Visiting Washington, D.C. with Young Kids

Washington D.C. is a beautiful city, vibrant and full of life. Whether young or old, there are hundreds of activities to try. In June, my family took a long weekend getaway to our nation’s capital, seeking fun and education. Traveling with kids poses unique challenges and requires some consideration. Washington D.C. is typically overlooked as …

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Feb 28

Hawaii First Time: How to Completely Plan Your Trip

So, you’ve made the decision to book your first vacation to Hawaii! You’re probably wondering how or where to start your planning.

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Oct 16

A Photo Session With Grandchildren

Dear Luke and Leia, It was so wonderful seeing you guys; too bad the time only allowed us the chance to visit for a short while. The best part was you guys allowing me to take some portrait photos while we visited at our hotel. It is so much more fun having a photo session …

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Jan 06

The Attack of Reverse Culture Shock Symptoms

As usual, we get off the plane after a long international flight, clear immigration and customs, and hail a ride to our hotel. Once again we’re in a new country where everything feels different, the food isn’t what we usually eat, and the people are speaking a different language.

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Nov 10

One Day in Savannah: River Walks and More (Part 2)

After you gawk at stunning centuries-old architecture and walk through town squares shaded by towering trees dangling Spanish moss, there’s a lot more to historic Savannah than that. Starting with a particular street that runs along Savannah River and a dramatic cemetery that’s become a major tourist attraction.

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Nov 03

One Day in Savannah: Squares and Walking Tours (Part 1)

Only an hour and a half north of the Georgia-Florida state line, Savannah usually gets bypassed, ignored by millions of travelers every day as they rush-rush-rush along I-95, hoping to reach their destinations as quickly as possible. Maybe it’s an American thing, focusing on the goal so much that you forget to take the time …

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Oct 06

Cades Cove: An Autumn Color Story

Visit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in the fall and you will see incredible autumn color in its mountains and fields. While you’re in the Park, be sure to look for the side road to Cades Cove as well. Cades Cove is a special part of early-1800s Americana, now listed on the National Register …

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Jun 30

How to Enjoy a Baseball Game Like an American

In America, “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” is probably one of the most-sung songs in the summertime. Why? Because America’s favorite summer sport is baseball. In fact, baseball is such an American institution that one company coined the tagline, Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Chevrolet.

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May 07

Allure of the Automobile: 18 Custom Vintage Cars in Atlanta

Oh, the allure of the automobile! In 2010 Atlanta’s High Museum found a way to tempt even the most art-phobic person to walk through its doors: an exhibition of some of the world’s rarest and most brilliantly conceived cars in automotive history. The exhibit was aptly named “The Allure of the Automobile” and once the …

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