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Sep 04

Weekend in Monterrey, Mexico: Tacos, Treats and Fun

Dear Luke and Leia, We are spending a weekend in Monterrey, Mexico. Our dear friends, David and Adriana, are to be married and we are enjoying lots of tacos, treats and fun there.

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Nov 14

Seminar in Cabo San Lucas

We were very fortunate to be able to fly to Cabo San Lucas to attend a seminar. Making it an even more special experience, Dan’s father was able to fly in from Florida for the seminar as well. This was a true blessing for us and an enlightening experience for him, introducing him (and us) …

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Nov 10

One Day in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

tip of Baja California

Who can resist exclusive Cabo San Lucas, where “the beautiful people” are said to vacation? I know we couldn’t when we had a chance to attend a seminar there a few years ago. Mexico has always been a favorite country of ours and we were intrigued by the famous resort town. Burning question: What was …

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Nov 03

Day of the Dead in Mexico City

Just in case you were wondering: It’s impossible to fly from Panama City to Cabo San Lucas in one day. The flight to Los Cabos leaves before the plane from Panama lands, so budget a one-night stay into your plans. Since we were going to have to stay overnight anyway, we decided to stay an …

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