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Category Archive: Greece

May 05

One Day in Nafplion, Greece

It hasn’t quite gained the popularity of other cities like Athens, Santorini, or Mykonos, but Nafplion is still a best-kept secret for those who know of its picturesque scenery and history. Certainly it was a secret to us. We had never heard of Nafplion until we saw that our cruise ship was stopping there.

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Apr 28

How to See Corfu / Kerkyra in One Day

We spent a day in Corfu—or Kerkyra, as the Greeks like to call it—while we were on a Mediterranean cruise. We were intrigued to see why UNESCO had designated the Old Town of Corfu as a World Heritage Site.

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Apr 07

10 Adriatic Cruise Ports You Need to Visit

Europe has an amazing array of things to offer its visitors. So many different nations and cultures are packed onto this one continent that a person could visit one every week for a year and not see them all! This is an area that fascinates in so many ways. There’s always something to enjoy, whether …

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Aug 08

My Big, Fat Greek Salad Recipe

While we were in Greece we both ordered the same thing for lunch every day: a big, fat Greek salad. The blend of ingredients was so simple and so refreshing that we just couldn’t get enough of them. This is the classic salad of the country, known and eaten everywhere in Greece. They are so …

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Aug 04

Photo Tips: Corfu Cat Playing Peek-a-Boo

Cat Playing Peek-A-Boo in Corfu, Greece As a travel photographer, looking for unique shot opportunities can be quite a challenge. Finding them can also become lots of fun. While winding through the buildings in the oldest area of Corfu, I caught this cat on a rooftop, peeking around a corner. He seemed to be in …

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