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Feb 12

I’m Sailing Away on a Rhine River Cruise

Dear Luke and Leia, Hey guys, today I’m sailing away on a Rhine River cruise and will take you along in pictures.

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Sep 21

River Cruise Journal: Cologne and Chocolate

Open any guide to Cologne and no doubt its Dom will be the first thing it mentions. “No other Cathedral is so perfectly conceived, so uniformly and uncompromisingly executed in all its parts,” UNESCO wrote. Thus did the world heritage site become the highlight of most Cologne tours.

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Sep 13

River Cruise Journal: Castles, Rhine and Mosel Wine

Few things can compare to waking up to a balcony view that is picturesque enough to warrant UNESCO World Heritage status. This morning was one of those rare occasions: Everyone on board was treated to the amazing views when they opened their drapes.

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Sep 07

River Cruise Journal: Wertheim am Main

We awoke to our second day of dreary skies today and even before I opened the drapes I could sense that the day would be chilly. Sure enough, the cold sliding doors promised we would need all the warm clothing we all had brought along.

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Aug 31

River Cruise Journal: Romantic Road Excursion to Rothenburg

Today was another overcast day and the clouds threatened rain long before we woke up. We didn’t let that bother us, though: We were really looking forward to today’s Romantic Road excursion.

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Aug 25

How to Prepare to Photograph Rothenburg

When I first laid eyes upon the itinerary for our Viking River Cruises trip from Budapest to Amsterdam, Rothenburg jumped off the page. It actually slapped me in the face so hard that I knew I had to learn how to prepare to photograph Rothenburg and capture it just as I have seen it so …

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Aug 17

River Cruise Journal: Bamberg

When we left Nuremberg we knew that the Danube part of our journey was over. Overnight our ship, Bragi, had crossed the continental divide, that invisible border in the mountains that separates where raindrops will end up: The Black Sea or the North Sea.

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Aug 10

River Cruise Journal: Nuremberg

Light sleeper that I am, I felt Bragi gently nudging the side of a lock a few times during the night. Ah, I supposed drowsily, with all these locks we must be in the Main-Danube Canal. But my fears of nighttime noise and bright lights were for naught; I had no problem returning to dreamland.

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Aug 03

River Cruise Journal: Regensburg

Regensburg is both the oldest city on the Danube River and one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe. In fact, it is so well-preserved that the Old Town of Regensburg and Stadtamhof is a World Heritage Site, “an exceptional example of a central-European medieval trading centre.”

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Jul 27

River Cruise Journal: Passau

Some time while we were sleeping our cruise ship crossed the Austrian border into Germany. The watery view that greeted me from our balcony this morning was rather fitting, because today we were going to visit Passau, Germany. Its nickname is Dreiflüssestadt, City of Three Rivers.

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