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Dec 16

What to Do in Roseau, Dominica When You’re Stuck There for a Week

Few people would visit the Commonwealth of Dominica for business reasons. The small island is relatively untouched, with mostly waterfalls and national parks to attract nature lovers and hikers. Unfortunately, when negotiations require you to spend all of your time in Roseau, its tiny capital, you miss out on all of that. You do, however, …

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Apr 03

Emerald Pool, Dominica

Dear Luke and Leia, We are in the Commonwealth of Dominica, a small island nation in the Caribbean Sea. The capital is named Roseau and the island is called the Nature Island because it is so untouched. Christopher Columbus would still recognize it even today. This tropical island is lush, green, full of 365 freshwater rivers, and …

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Sep 01

Heading to Dominica? Don’t Miss Calibishie

In 2009 Dan visited the Commonwealth of Dominica on business and I created an online journal so our family could read about our visit. Dominica so enchanted us that we resolved to do everything in our power to travel as often as possible from then on. Eventually my online travel journal morphed into the website you’re reading …

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Aug 25

Visiting Dominica for the First Time

“We’re visiting Dominica?! Where the heck is that?” I asked when Dan first told me we’d be going there on business. Sure, I’d heard of the Dominican Republic, but it took me a bit of time to fathom that two Caribbean countries would have such similar names.

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Aug 22

Finding Jack Sparrow on Hampstead Beach, Dominica

Jack Sparrow was here

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Oct 14

Impressions of Dominica As We Saw It

Woman in Roseau

Our impressions of Dominica than many visitors because we were there both to sightsee and to do business.  If the negotiations had worked out (they didn’t) we might have had to live there for a while … so we looked at the country as both tourists and potential residents. The people of Dominica Dominica and its …

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Sep 24

You Won’t Believe the Prices in Dominica

It could be due to an exorbitant cost of shipping or it might be because of a tax on imports, but whatever the reason, the prices in Dominica for imported grocery items are ridiculously high. For instance, a small package of disposable diapers is almost US$28.00, a bottle of grape juice runs $12.09, and a family-size …

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