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Dec 16

What to Do in Roseau, Dominica When You’re Stuck There for a Week

Few people would visit the Commonwealth of Dominica for business reasons. The small island is relatively untouched, with mostly waterfalls and national parks to attract nature lovers and hikers. Unfortunately, when negotiations require you to spend all of your time in Roseau, its tiny capital, you miss out on all of that. You do, however, …

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Dec 09

Impressions of Curacao from a First-Time Visitor

Call us crazy, but whenever we visit a new place we always find ourselves asking, Could we live here? It’s fun, we think, to try to imagine life as a local, not a tourist, even if we might never actually do that. So, after a weekend in the country, here were our initial impressions of …

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Nov 27

Surprise! A Busy Birthday Weekend in St. Maarten

Dear Luke and Leia, You guys are going to love what I did to surprise Nana for her birthday — a weekend in St. Maarten! Actually, I secretly planned the weekend, bought the plane tickets and made all the arrangements for a beautiful, relaxing hotel stay and some new and interesting excursions, all without Nana …

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Nov 13

Off To Curacao for Visa Run Fun

Dear Luke and Leia, We flew off to Curacao for a visa run this weekend, planning to do some sight-seeing, snorkeling and food sampling and then fly back to Panama for another few months. But boy, were we in for a surprise as to what the weekend had in store for the two of us.

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Apr 03

Emerald Pool, Dominica

Dear Luke and Leia, We are in the Commonwealth of Dominica, a small island nation in the Caribbean Sea. The capital is named Roseau and the island is called the Nature Island because it is so untouched. Christopher Columbus would still recognize it even today. This tropical island is lush, green, full of 365 freshwater rivers, and …

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Sep 01

Heading to Dominica? Don’t Miss Calibishie

In 2009 Dan visited the Commonwealth of Dominica on business and I created an online journal so our family could read about our visit. Dominica so enchanted us that we resolved to do everything in our power to travel as often as possible from then on. Eventually my online travel journal morphed into the website you’re reading …

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Aug 25

Visiting Dominica for the First Time

“We’re visiting Dominica?! Where the heck is that?” I asked when Dan first told me we’d be going there on business. Sure, I’d heard of the Dominican Republic, but it took me a bit of time to fathom that two Caribbean countries would have such similar names.

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Aug 22

Finding Jack Sparrow on Hampstead Beach, Dominica

Jack Sparrow was here

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Mar 12

Weekend Getaway in St Maarten

A few years ago, Dan surprised me with a trip. “Guess where I’m taking you for your birthday weekend?” He smiled at my clueless look. “Here’s a hint: It’s in the Caribbean.”

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Feb 07

One Day in Willemstad, Curacao

Willemstad is the colorful capital of Curaçao, a southern Caribbean island just off the coast of South America. It’s a short flight from Panama so when it came time for us to renew our tourist visas, we decided to spend a weekend there, sightseeing. Little did we suspect, our plans would be thwarted.

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