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Oct 07

Singapore River Cruise Sightseeing

Of all the layover sightseeing and quick city trips we’ve taken, our one day in Singapore was one of my favorites. Not only is it the cleanest, Singapore is the most multicultural country we’ve ever been to, and there is so much to do in this tiny island nation that it can be overwhelming. So where …

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Jan 11

Visit Singapore Botanic Gardens UNESCO Site

The small island nation of Singapore is well-regarded for its status as a tropical Garden City. Touted as a modern phenomenon, the little red dot is considered as one of the greenest cities in the entire globe. At the core of this success is the Singapore Botanic Gardens UNESCO site, an award-winning tropical garden boasting …

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Jul 03

Singapore Botanic Gardens in Photos

Dear Luke and Leia, Today we visited the Singapore Botanic Gardens and saw so many colors of flowers that my box of Crayola crayons was jealous. From the very beginning we realized it would be different with the ornate entrance doors into the garden.  Our first impression was inviting. Beautifully lined paths meandered effortlessly through …

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Jun 26

Singapore Night Safari

Dear Luke and Leia, Tonight we had a blast at the Singapore Night Safari, where we ate a terrific Indian buffet and saw a bunch of animals… AT NIGHT! What a terrific experience. We will have to bring you guys to see it.

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Jun 19

Layover in Singapore

Dear Luke and Leia, We are on our way to Panama and have a short layover in Singapore, so with a day or so to kill we decided to pay the city a visit. What a beautiful, modern and clean city it is. Singapore is a city-country that is on an island just south of …

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Oct 13

Singapore Night Safari: Is It Worth It?

There’s one attraction in Singapore that turns even the most serious adult into a kid: the Singapore Night Safari. If you’re thinking it’s just another zoo, you’ve got another think coming.  We dare you to try it for yourself and see.

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Jul 04

Fantastic Singapore Architecture: Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple

Who would have expected to find Singapore’s oldest Hindu temple sitting in the heart of Chinatown? It’s unexpected, to be sure, and the story behind it is interesting.

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Jun 27

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum in Singapore

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum is hard to miss: It’s a four-story high, vivid red-and-green, Tang-styled Chinese Buddhist temple, and it’s smack dab in the heart of Chinatown.

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Jun 14

One Day in Singapore: 7 Things to Do

After a serious health scare on our 32-hour flight marathon to Indonesia (Dan developed a blood clot in his leg) we were naturally concerned when we decided to leave Bali. To avoid developing DVT a second time, we broke our trip into segments. First stop: two nights and one day in Singapore.

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Jun 13

Fantastic Singapore Architecture: The Gateway

This is The Gateway, designed by world-famous architect, I. M. Pei.   It may look like a single building from this angle, but The Gateway is actually two separate 37-story skyscrapers. The Gateway’s architecture Pei’s goal was to symbolize the ‘Gateway’ to Singapore. Seen from the right angle, they sort of do. They’re actually built in the …

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