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Mar 21

How to Photograph Thaipusam at Batu Caves

How do you photograph the Hindu festival Thaipusam at Batu Caves, a site you’ve never visited before, with more than one million people in attendance?

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Mar 14

One Day in Bangkok

We arrived in Bangkok after a hellish flight on Bangkok Airways disrupted our blissful week in Phuket. We had left at noon, expecting to arrive by 1:30PM, but due to cancelled flights and delays, we didn’t arrive until 8PM. It left us with only one day to experience all of what Bangkok has to offer.

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Feb 14

Unbelievable! What They Sell at Shilin Night Market in Taipei

Ask what to see on a Taiwan visit and – even if you’re only in Taipei for a day – night markets will always be on the list. Night markets are abundant throughout Taiwan. There are dozens of them in Taipei alone and Shilin Night Market is the best known and largest of them all.

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Oct 07

Singapore River Cruise: See the City from the Water

There is a fast and easy way to get a basic overview of a city and where the major highlights are located: With a bird’s-eye view from the top of a touristy double-decker bus. I’m talking about those open-top hop-on/hop-off ones that allow you to get on and off whenever you want, all day, with …

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Apr 04

7 Famous Indian Dishes You Should Try

As big fans of Indian cuisine, we were happy to receive this list of 7 popular and famous Indian dishes from Rohit Agarwal, a fellow travel blogger. You are invited to share your thoughts about Indian food in the comment section.

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Mar 28

That Famous Bali Temple and Other Things to See in Bedugul

Bali is world-famous as one of the best vacation destinations but aside from Ubud, few tourists venture beyond its beautiful coastline. Don’t make that mistake. Venture inward to the center of Bali for a change of pace.

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Feb 22

Bali’s Seafood Paradise: Dinner on Jimbaran Beach

The Bukit Peninsula, on Bali’s southern end, is best known for five-star luxury resorts and spas, exclusive restaurants, and picturesque Uluwatu, the Balinese sea temple at the tip of the island. For locals and those tourists in the know, however, the area’s real draw is the seafood on Jimbaran beach.

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Jan 11

Visit Singapore Botanic Gardens UNESCO Site

The small island nation of Singapore is well-regarded for its status as a tropical Garden City. Touted as a modern phenomenon, the little red dot is considered as one of the greenest cities in the entire globe. At the core of this success is the Singapore Botanic Gardens UNESCO site, an award-winning tropical garden boasting …

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Oct 05

8 Places to Visit in India During November

Here is a guest post about a place we haven’t visited yet: India! When monsoon starts bidding goodbye and winter enters in India during the months of November, it is considered to be a great time to visit India. As the summer heat and winter snow will not create any difficulty during this period, you …

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Jul 03

Singapore Botanic Gardens in Photos

Dear Luke and Leia, Today we visited the Singapore Botanic Gardens and saw so many colors of flowers that my box of Crayola crayons was jealous. From the very beginning we realized it would be different with the ornate entrance doors into the garden.  Our first impression was inviting. Beautifully lined paths meandered effortlessly through …

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