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May 23

Bali Cultural Differences = Attitude Adjustment Time

They say that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. One of the first steps in our travel life occurred when we moved to Indonesia in 2010. Everything was different in Bali – not just the food and language – and all the cultural differences took some getting used to.

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Oct 14

Ideas for How to Update a 1970s House Inexpensively

TV is full of ways to update a house inexpensively. What they don’t explain: How to get motivated to do the work. That begs the question: Why isn’t home improvement a priority until it’s time to move?

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Apr 01

Venice is Where I Found my New Travel Partner

Dear Luke and Leia, I know this will be strange for you two grandchildren to read, but Venice is where I found my new travel partner.

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Feb 01

Buying a Claddagh Ring in Galway

When we decided to bring our oldest son with us to Ireland, we asked him what he wanted to do most. “I want to drink an Irishman under the table,” came the answer. “You’re on your own with that one,” Dan retorted with a smile. “What else?” “I want to buy a Claddagh ring in …

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Sep 28

River Cruise Journal: Windmills and Cheese Wheels

One final day on this Grand European Tour and it all ends tomorrow morning when our cruise ship docks in Amsterdam. Call the country what you will, Netherlands, Nederlands, or Holland, this morning we found ourselves in the country known for windmills and cheese wheels.

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Sep 21

River Cruise Journal: Cologne and Chocolate

Open any guide to Cologne and no doubt its Dom will be the first thing it mentions. “No other Cathedral is so perfectly conceived, so uniformly and uncompromisingly executed in all its parts,” UNESCO wrote. Thus did the world heritage site become the highlight of most Cologne tours.

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Sep 13

River Cruise Journal: Castles, Rhine and Mosel Wine

Few things can compare to waking up to a balcony view that is picturesque enough to warrant UNESCO World Heritage status. This morning was one of those rare occasions: Everyone on board was treated to the amazing views when they opened their drapes.

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Sep 11

Surviving in the Pearl Islands

Dear Luke and Leia, We are surviving in the Pearl Islands these next few days…. Surviving? This is where the some episodes of the hit television series “Survivor” was located. So naturally with your dad visiting, we had to see what it was all about. We had heard that Isla Contadora is beautiful. Planning the …

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Sep 07

River Cruise Journal: Wertheim am Main

We awoke to our second day of dreary skies today and even before I opened the drapes I could sense that the day would be chilly. Sure enough, the cold sliding doors promised we would need all the warm clothing we all had brought along.

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Aug 31

River Cruise Journal: Romantic Road Excursion to Rothenburg

Today was another overcast day and the clouds threatened rain long before we woke up. We didn’t let that bother us, though: We were really looking forward to today’s Romantic Road excursion.

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