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Sep 09

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13 Balconies in Cuenca

Walk down any street and look up: You’ll see amazing architectural details on the balconies in Cuenca, with plenty of eye-popping color and details in the iron and woodwork. No wonder this is a UNESCO city.

I had a desperate need to grab the Big C’s – you know, coffee and cash – so I went out for a walk. I decided to head down Simon Bolivar to the Banco Pichincha on the corner of Remingo Crespo and Mariscal Sucre. This is only about an eight block walk from our home.

So, iPhone in hand, I decided to explore the balconies in Cuenca and check out the details. Here is what I saw:

Notice the details in the ironwork and the columns alongside the doorway.

Loved the colors in the window glass and arched doorway details.

The corner balconies in Cuenca offer views down two of the city’s cobbled streets.

Flower baskets with full blooms brighten any balcony, like this one.

Look at the intricate carved details above the doorway. Wow!

This balcony in Cuenca is highlighted by lamps.

The lights framing the doorway bring attention to this  wrought iron balcony.

Details in the woodwork on this balcony in Cuenca pop against the brown.

Check out the pattern above the doorway just under the eave.

Flags are on many balconies in Cuenca.

Flags also attract the eye. Many balconies in Cuenca have them.

Detailed iron work on balconies in Cuenca should catch you eye.

The colors just pop on this balcony in Cuenca and enhance the ironwork details and flowers.

The woodwork above this door caught my eye as the white against the yellow showed the carvings nicely.

Some enclose their balconies in Cuenca but not without the same details.

Here the owner enclosed the balcony while adding additional details.

Juliet balconies in Cuenca are common but not highly sought after.

This lady enjoyed watching me take pictures of balconies from inside her Juliet balcony.

Love the old balconies in Cuenca

Even the oldest balconies in Cuenca have a character all their own, like this “waving” balcony. Notice the dips and rises along the span.

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  1. Roni Faida

    These are BEAUTIFUL. I also look up when I travel, there is so much to see!
    Roni Faida recently posted…My VRBO Rental In SeattleMy Profile

    1. Linda

      Ha – I wish I could say the same, but I’ve been known to trip over nothing, so my eyes are often on the cobbled sidewalk ahead of me.

  2. Arleen

    Linda- the balconies are beautiful. There are also beautiful balconies in New Orleans, but I don’t think many of us take the time to appreciate them
    Arleen recently posted…How To Successfully Market A CauseMy Profile

    1. Linda

      You’re right about the balconies in New Orleans, Arleen. They truly are beautiful. Some of these balconies have reminded us of them, especially when they’re festooned with flower boxes.

  3. Becc

    I love this post. I have a bit of a thing about balconies, it is something I loved in Europe. I have never been to Ecuador, but think it should go onto my bucket list. I could roam the streets looking at the beautiful architecture for hours.
    Becc recently posted…Viva Las Vegas!My Profile

    1. Linda

      Are there any balconies where you live?

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