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Where We Have Been

We are frequently asked how many countries we’ve visited. So far, between us we’ve been to five continents and all but one U.S. state (Alaska). But as to how many countries we have been to? Well, that depends on what counts as a country.

What counts as a country?

Some territories are not official countries, such as Puerto Rico and Hong Kong. Others are disputed, such as Taiwan. The United Nations has 193 member states, US Department of State lists 195 independent states, while the Travelers’ Century Club (TCC) lists 325 countries and territories. (Their list is recognized by the world as the standard of countries and territories that are politically, ethnologically or geographically different.)

What counts as a visit?

To belong to TCC, members must have visited 100 or more of the places on their list. After a heated debate as to how long one must have stayed in a country or territory to qualify, they finally decided that even the shortest visit would suffice, even if it were only a port of call or a plane fuel stop. By that count, we have been to 59.

If you’re curious whether you might qualify to join TCC yourself, you can find the list here.

Here’s a map of all the countries we’ve set foot on in our lifetimes. We’ll leave it to you to decide if airports count. 🙂

Map of where we have been.

Countries we have visited




  • Australia
  • Fiji
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